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December 06, 2012


Yes, we'll miss Dave Brubeck's musical creativity. I hadn't realized his four sons had developed into such talented jazz musicians until I viewed the Kennedy Center Honors when it aired on TV. Thanks for mentioning my post. I think many people unfamiliar with jazz might become unexpectedly attracted to the music by listening to many of his various group's performances.

Joared--Hunky Husband and I haven't danced in years; but, I have vivid recollections of our dancing to the 5/4 beats of Dave Brubeck's work - in the 1960s. I don't recall whether we danced to other of Brubeck's "odd" times.

I had the record with Take Five. I think everyone did then.

Hattie--Many of us probably still have the vinyl recording titled Time Out. I think that we do; but, just now, I looked through our 33 1/3 rpm collection and did not find it.

What I did find are: Jazz Goes to College purchased in 1957, Dave Brubeck and Jay & Kai purchased by my mother in 1958, Time Further Out: Miro Reflections purchased in 1962, and Jazz: Red Hot and Cool and Dave Brubeck's Greatest Hits (which includes several of the tracks from Time Out), neither of which indicates the year of purchase.

I have my brother's copy of "Time Out." Brubeck was so very inventive. His quartet has always been one of my absolute favorites! We have been enriched by all his work.

Buffy--And, as a musician, you know good music when you hear it! Glad that you now have a bit more time to visit your blog friends. It is wonderful hearing from you and reading your new postings.

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