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November 07, 2012


Glad you feel better! Will be lots of new issues coming up with some critical congressional legislation, language being used, etc., so seems always something to wax on about. ;-)

Wonder if those of us who live alone with no one in the house with whom to verbally engage are more inclined to share thoughts on our blogs we might not otherwise? Just askin' -- I don't know.

Thanks for the BD wish you left for me at Kenju's that I just found -- but how did you know???

I posted on my Face Book page that I was getting tired of "hiding" rants from other people. If they just "liked" a candidate, fine. But the blathering, foul-mouthed rants had no place on my page (especially as potential employers might see it - yes, I could make it a private page, but I don't want to).

Our beloved President Obama said t'other day, "It's always good to ignore Donald Trump."

and Joared: Yes, some of us live alone and have only the blog to unload on first thing in the day. I apologize for getting all cranky about the election, but what else is there to get cranky about? This election has taught me the value of speaking my thoughts. What if we'd all just shut up and said nothing?

Crankily yours....m.e.

Joared--Color me confused (and see please see the further comment left at Kenju's.) Habitually, I keep several screens open - to which habit I ascribe my failure to realize that I was at the wrong place. (I keep an Excel data file, "Friends Hist", as a tickler for my poor memory!)

I generally experience that sort of mixup as reassuring to learn that I'm not the only one occasionally slipping up -- tickles my funny bone!

Politics is in my blood, and I'm not going to be changing that! Still I was glad to see comments on my blog from you.

ME & Hattie--I don't object to the subject of politics, I object to 1) the fact that "discussions" of politics have not, in general, been objective nor evincing good will, and to 2) endless repetition.
1) When we demonize those with whom we disagree, we are being purely emotional - a state the prevents logical thought.
2) If I am told something once (or, on the outside, twice), I consider it sufficient.
We each have a tolerance level.

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