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October 07, 2012


I have three blogs that no longer update when someone posts new entries and yours suddenly is one of them. What is going on? any clue? Once I realized you were writing things, I know to go down and hit on the link; but others who might use my blog list won't know that. Frustrating to say the least as the other two I also read with new posts but no longer can easily tell when they are there.

funny things happening all the time in cyberspace. And maybe those lasers should be outlawed.

Hammurabi wrote "An eye for an eye..." , just sayin'...

Rain--I don't know what's happening, but it isn't on my worry list. Sorry that you are experiencing difficulties.

Hattie--The use of LASERs in airspace is regulated; but, I see no practical way to outlaw possession.

Stu--While "An eye for an eye..." seems just in this situation, I'm afraid that modern society (outside some of the theocracies) doesn't find that civilized.

Well it doesn't turn out to be difficult for me now that I know that you are updating even if it doesn't record it, and I admit I am not worried about it either but it is frustrating. I like to think readers find new, interesting blogs through that list. I use it in other blogs often to find new ones to read, but who knows, maybe they don't.

Rain--Personally, I usually find new blogs through comments that are left on the blogs that I normally visit - if there is a link attached to the name of the person who left the comment(s) that I found intriguing; but, one picks them up from typelists, too, so I thank you for trying!

I guess we are all different in that. I go by interesting titles on the blog list and if they have a tidbit, photo or topic title, I check it out. I only do that though when I have some time to play :)

As I am typing this, it's raining outside-- what a glorious sound after months of no rain for what is supposed to be a rainy area. Although now they say it'll be day after day of it which might get old especially if the heavy rains lead to flooding. Alas we seem to be in a time of extremes even in our normally moderate PNW.

CC wrote from the USA "modern society (outside some of the theocracies) doesn't find that civilized."

The same USA that has the Death Penalty, practices Torture, and holds prisoners indefinitely without charges. Just sayin . . . :-(

Haven't been here for a while so am a bit late in commenting here. This laser issue is serious here in the L.A. area. Our news all too frequently has reports of commercial aircraft, police and news helicopters being subjected to the blinding lasers. Authorities go all out to locate the offenders and sometimes find them. It's a truly dangerous activity.

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