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October 04, 2012


Why haven't I found you before? maybe I was meant to find you now. I've been struggling with this routine bit for more than a few years as it was one of my father's edicts and he and I, well.....

But you put it well as does BO and the rest.

Of course.

Thanks for the enlightenment....


Interesting. I tend to do routines for daily things and don't mind at all. I can wear the same outfit several days running but the cows don't complain and it does make the morning get going faster to not wonder what to put on.

Terry likes to keep to routines. Me, not so much.

Other examples include Object Oriented programming, and ISO9000ff.
ISO9000ff Quality Control System implies that you do the same thing over and over again, enabling SQC (Statistical quality control) of your manufacturing process. So not really applicable to creative processes. But yes, routinize the humdrum where possible to free yourself up for the creative stuff.

So why do we blog regularly?

Horror - I am a lot like my mother! I eat the same thing for breakfast for several weeks (or months) then change to something else, for while etc. I do the same thing for lunch.

I also get into a routine for my clothes; while at home it's blue jeans and the same T-shirts, rotated only by what order they are folded and put in the drawer.

And, as Stu stated, working with quality systems and documentation, one wants to do the same thing pretty much every time to ensure. Even if a company doesn't follow ISO, manufacturing systems are much more productive and predictable when things are done the same way every time.

WWW--We have been bumping shoulders in our commenting on other blogs. Thanks for coming by, and welcome! Does your life get confusing with all of the travel?

Rain--Ranching and farming leads to a completely different mind-set when it comes to clothing. Practicality dictates what one wears. Practicality seems to take a back seat for many people (mostly women?) when they dress for the office. Working in LA, I saw women whose job it was to make copies for us (on a classified program, copiers were not just sitting about for anyone to use!) dressed as I would never have dressed, even for a cocktail party - too much shine, sequins, and cleavage. I require that my own clothing have pockets as they are much handier than carrying a bag about all the time.

Hattie--Glad to see you back from your world-wide-ranging, and am looking forward to your posting of more photos. Hey! You get to spend your time in any way you wish. We are not all the same. I think that people who can (successfully) multi-task don't need routine as much as some of us (me, at least) who can only think about one thing at a time: thus the need to save my brain - lol.

Stu--Good points. The same thing that, today, makes many manufacturing jobs either totally boring or totally obsolete (machines don't get bored, I'm told), makes for more consistent production of goods and enables better quality control. At the Little Airplane Company, we used structured English in our maintenance manuals to promote better understanding among mechanics - especially those for whom English might be a second or third language. I also preached uniformity in nomenclature to engineers who were writing technical reports on analysis and testing. Creativity is at odds with clear communication at times.

Bogie--You do have my complete sympathy, my dear; but, recall that your father is even more routine-bound than is your mother. I am shocked that you don't put your tee shirts onto the drying racks/remove them from the drying racks in the same order each time. You are obviously not OCD material. The ISO stuff took hold at the Little Airplane Company at the same time structured English came into use. (Your job was ISO, part of mine was serving on the structured English committee. We are now totally consistent, no?)

Wow....I never even THINK of this kind of thing. Do I have a routine? I get up in the morning, go for a walk or two, meet with friends, cook, eat, fiddle around on my laptop, and eventually go to bed. Sometimes I shower, but most of the time I take a bath every day (though not at the same time). I don't think of it as having a routine or not having one. It's just what I do.

Here's what I always do, practically without variation:
Make a pot of espresso (the 6-cup size, which is about enough to fill a regular coffee mug)and drink it all. And no more. One 6-cup serving of espresso per day.
Add epsom salts and lavender oil to my bath.
Work every crossword puzzle I can lay my hands on.

zzzz....bore myself often....

ME--The degree to which one uses routine in accomplishing a task is measured by the amount of thinking that must be dedicated to the task. You are allowed to label your own activities any way you wish! ; )

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