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September 29, 2012


See how irritated I got? I forgot to leave a comment on this post - LOL! Anyway, the desk looks great and it's always nice to find something on sale, and with free shipping to boot!

You did a great job on the comforter, HH should be happy and warm.

Awww, Bogie, we all get caught up in our passions sometimes. The free shipping on the desk means that I get to continue having meals, this week. ; )

As worn as the front and back of the comforter are, it was hardly worth the effort to bind and renew; but, I used material that I had on hand (that's why the protector isn't as deep as Mom's was), as well as quilting thread that I had. All it cost was time.

BTW: I am now starting to make the last quilt top that Mom pieced, into a quilt. It isn't the prettiest top that Mom ever made; but, she did sign her name and date (1992) on one of the blocks (not sure she had done that on any other quilt), and had embroidered her first initial. As it is, now, the finished quilt would measure about 85" x 77".

Especially since Mom left more blocks that she had cut out (and I have the materials from many of the blocks if I wished to cut more), I am considering making the quilt a bit larger. To keep the pattern "even", I would have to make the quilt longer in increments of 9.5 inches and/or wider in increments of 11 inches - or - I can make the quilt larger by adding "framing" around the quilt which would probably look best if length and width were increased by about 12" each. What do you think?

This top is the only one that I recall Mom having put together by sewing machine (she was using her mother's old treadle machine that she was storing for Aunt V). Something that makes it special is that it includes (but is not limited to) materials from clothes that I had made for myself over the years - some dating from 9th and 10th grade, others from as recently as 1988. The 1988-made garment was a skirt to wear to a 1950s party in Pennsylvania when I was working there. The material had been purchased to make something for Dudette--probably in the 1970s.

Oops! I nearly forgot to account for shrinkage from two sources: fabric shrinkage (I pre-shrink before I cut, but Mom did not) and shrinkage due to the stitching/quilting, itself. As the top is, now, it will probably finish/shrink out to 81" long x 73" wide which is not large enough for even a double bed. I need to enbiggen (vergrößern) the top!

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