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August 05, 2012


talk about Schrödinger's cat! Surely abortion would require research into afterlife and beforelife at the same time? ;-)
TWO research projects for the price of one! ;-)

Stu--Are you kidding me? The price just jumped to $14M.

The extra $4M is for the principal philosopher to hire another accountant to assure that none of the money allotted to afterlife research is actually spent on beforelife research. OR to hire more philosophers to finally determine how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

Honestly. All I can think is someone is raking in the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Hattie--I sometimes think that it would be more efficient if grants were made to people who are already working in "whatever" field instead of spending the money to go through the process of choosing recipients and then monitoring them. Of course, I should think that money needs to be granted to someone doing useful research/development!

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