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May 12, 2012


Hey, at least I can tell WS I come by that honestly - I too am good at starting things, then losing interest, or finding something else that holds my interest better - for a while anyway.

CC: oh, wow.....that sounds very much like what I should be doing in my "spare" time. good for you for setting such an excellent example!!

Bogie--Don't the projects sparkle - for a few seconds? I think that you posted about such a phenomenon.

ME--I think that I detect a tongue in your cheek for your last sentence. At least, it should be! *laughing*

Sounds like amateurcrastination to me ;-)

I don't have enough projects these days...not very motivated. At least they keep you busy CC...good luck with all of them. ~Joy

Stu & Joy - Sorry that you were "exposed" to something that was not intended for this blog. You got a glimpse of yet another unfinished project. *laughing*

You and me both, sister. Think I'll sit around some more and think about what I have to do.

Good for you! Sounds very ambitous and you'll have such a sense of accomplishment.

I have a number of projects I'm waiting to start for when I might end up confined to my home. By then, I may not be able to take care of them, or won't give a darn. Maybe I should try to work in a few beginning now -- right after I take care of some interior decorating that needs to be done that I can't seem to get to doing.

Hattie--Thanks for adding to the mirth. Your travel should be enough to keep you busy!

Joared--Interior decoration is a foreign language to me. I wouldn't have the foggiest idea what to do in that regard. Have fun!

My interior decoration refers to the basics -- painting, a small amt of wallpaper removal in a few areas, carpeting to name a few projects.

Joared--Oh! I'm not so untrained in those areas having been in charge of that my whole married (and unmarried) life. Good luck!

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