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May 02, 2012


I am so glad that these beautiful creatures have chosen to visit you in large numbers. It's too cold yet in Seattle for the butterflies and bees to be out.

Incredible! This seems quite early in the year for butterflies, but I've seen some of the brown ones here, too. I'd call them "admirals," but that's what we kids called them if they were brown but weren't monarchs....: )

Hattie--It has been amazing!

ME--We had several kinds of butterflies that day, some of which do not appear in the photos. It has been 60 years since I last collected butterflies and could identify them (that's why I didn't mention any names in the posting.) I saw a swallowtail that was nearly all black, but did not observe it well enough to hazard a guess and did not get a photo. I do plant dill weed and fennel for the swallowtails each year.

These are my guesses as to the other butterflies that have been fluttering around here: a few red admirals (not in the photos), many painted ladies (in the above photos - "brown/orange"), a kazillion skippers of some sort (in the photos of the sage, but also on other plants - folded wing type), a few cabbage whites, a couple of common (yellow) sulfurs (one in photo, above), and one miniature yellow sulfur of some kind.

Corrections/clarifications would be appreciated.

The butterflies have vanished. They were around for about a week. Now, the only thing sipping on the sage bush blossoms is the occasional ruby-throated hummingbird.

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