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May 04, 2012


I agree. I doubt Congress will have the courage but they should given what is being done in the name of supposedly keeping us safe. It's infuriating to say the least

I couldn't agree with you more!!!

Hear, Hear! (or is it Here, Here)?

Anyway, I just plain agree.

Recommended reading :;-
"Beyond Fear" by security expert Bruce Schneier.
Subtitle "Thinking sensibly about security in an uncertain world".
ISBN 0-387-02620-7; Copernicus Books, NY, 2003.

Pre TSA, but still terribly relevant writing about "security theater" vs. real security.

Rain--Perhaps members of Congress have a low opinion of the willingness of the populace to look at risk-taking judiciously.
Kay--You've been busy working on kindred issues.
Bogie--There was no doubt in my mind what your stance would be. (BTW--It is here: hear it! Thus, perhaps it should be, "Here, hear?")

Stu--Thanks for the info. I don't get any money from this nor have I bought many books online (I learned a lot from having spent $330 for a book online that turned out to be worth about $30 to me - a steep learning curve); but, Amazon has the book that you mention as a Kindle download for a reasonable price.

Beyond Fear: Thinking Sensibly About Security in an Uncertain World.

Well, I wasn't sure if the intent of the saying was something like, "hey y'all, hear this - really hear it", or "here is something we should pay attention to."

I think the fear instilled has accomplished to some extent exactly what the terrorists wanted -- we've relinquished freedoms we cherish.

Bogie--I'll defer to ME if she wants to jump in there.

Joared--Yes, to the extent to which our "normal" lives are changed by terrorism, "they" win.

Now the TSA & consorts allege this as self-justification :-


Imagine suggesting to Al Quaeda they hide bombs in their turbans.
Would that blow their minds? ;-)

Stu--Yes, with all the rigamarole that they put people through, the new device would only have been detected by a fluke of the highest order.
I recall seeing a political cartoon with at least one man shown to have missiles hidden in a turban. I agree that it would be mind-blowing!
Funny that TypePad doesn't mind "bombs" but did mind "porn" - or - perhaps I was wrong about what made one of your comments unacceptable to TP's temperament.

I never worry about this stuff. I don't care if they want to pat me down. What I won't stand for is the x-ray machine treatment.

Hattie--Although I lament the time wasted and the freedom lost, this posting was even more to object to the waste of money in ineffectual processes and equipment. In addition to being ineffectual, similarly to the case for our multiple military endeavors, the haste with which the technology has been rushed into service has led to a great deal of waste, if not outright fraud.

Congress: The TSA Is Wasting Hundreds Of Millions In Taxpayer Dollars

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