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April 26, 2012


I love irises, as did my mother. But she had only purple ones, as did virtually everyone else in our neighborhood who had them. She would revel in the many colors available now.

Such a wealth of flowers you have in your yard!!

I love your irises. It's a little early for them in Seattle, where we are now.

ME--For most of my life, if it couldn't be eaten, I didn't try to grow it. I wasn't that much of a flower person. Then, when my mother died, I had to become my mother - it's in the DNA, don't you know? - and I planted roses which Mom always loved and grew and which is a favorite flower of Hunky Husband's. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Mom had brought starts of irises and magic lilies. Descendents of those flowers eventually made their way to this, our current, home.
Although Mom had, over the years, given me irises of various hues, the plain purple and plain yellow irises were the only ones that propogated over the years. I've bought at least four or five different varieties of irises from Walmart. Plus, the neighbor's lack of attention to his own yard has resulted, over the past 13 summers, in his irises migrating to the better-cared-for environs of our yard. ; )

Hattie--I don't recall seeing irises in Seattle back in the 1960s (we lived in Belleview Oct 1965 through Feb 1967) or 1980s (I worked there in Spring 1984, Aug 1985, and Aug 1998); but, perhaps I wasn't paying attention. I do recall the lovely Rhododendrons and primroses.

By the way, Bogie, that clump of green at the corner of the driveway in the "Mixed Irises" photo is one clump of your creeping phlox, thank you. (Nearer to the camera, and to the left of the phlox, are some clumps of yarrow - which idea, I believe, came from you.)

Oh those irises....so darn gorgeous. ~Joy

The iris are always so nice to look at, and you do a great job of capturing their color and simple elegance!

Our spring phlox blooms may have been saved by the rain we got this week - will have to wait and see what happens.

Joy--Glad to see that you haven't completely disappeared and hope that you are enjoying your hiatus.

Bogie--Awwww...you are sweet! Keeping my fingers crossed that you get rain in just the right amounts.

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