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January 19, 2012


Too bad the gleam doesn't really show in the photo. Even so, this garment does catch the eye.

Golden spider silk...WOW. It's really very pretty. ~Joy

Hattie--I'm with you. I looked at several different postings, but the gleam didn't show up in any of the photos.

Joy--Isn't it? I always thought of spider web as being colorless.

Absolutely stunning!!!!!

Amazing and beautiful. I am sure it has never been worn, nor will it be. I should imagine that extra care for the cape is constantly required.

Kay--No argument from me.

Darlene--I'm not sure what extra care would be needed. Spider (or worm, for that matter) silk is very strong. Although the text says that the vest is not bulletproof, I'm guessing that it would slow a bullet down, noticeably. Interesting question.

my question is what happened to the spider? is this the work of just ONE spider? or many of that species? it is extraordinary!

ME--OK...one more time, you have inspired another posting. This time it is on spider silk. Thank you!

Hattie & Joy & Kay & Darlene--You must shoulder part of the "blame" for the next posting! *grinning*

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