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December 16, 2011


gorgeous! there's a museum in DC that has photos like these. it's over by the State Department, and I apologize for not knowing what it's called. i used to, but ha...

thanks for posting these!! m.e.

These images are really beautiful...thanks CC. That first one really does look like an angel. ~Joy

Those are awesom pictures - thanks for bringing our attention to them!

ME--Don't know which (of the many, many) museums in DC you are thinking of - American Astronomical Society? US Naval Observatory? It will come to you! *smiling*

Joy--Hunky Husband looked at it and said, "What is that supposed to be?" Even after I outlined the "angel" for him he was still scratching his head. I told him that my blog friends would have no trouble interpreting what they were seeing. (Cruel of me, eh?!)

Bogie--I assume that you get the notices from NASA and/or Hubble. I don't go see all of them - maybe 50% of them.

I don't get the notices - I depend on kind folks like you (and other bloggers) to keep me informed and up-to-date.

Wow! Really enjoyed the photos you posted. Just boggles the mind as to what goes on out there doesn't it? Also enjoyed the video although it was a bit to brief to consider popping a bowl of popcorn! :)

Bogie--Oh, the pressure you apply! I get emails from the KS Bird List group (there are many more snowy owls being seen around the state than in a normal year - happens every 7 years or so) and NASA and I visit those websites with links over in the left-hand margin, often.

Alan G--Now, why didn't I think of popcorn? Glad you enjoyed the photos and brief video.

Wow! Are those color enhanced?

Outer Space is fascinating. Tell Hunky Husband I had no trouble seeing an angel or a lighted Christmas Wreath in the formations, but maybe it's guy thing. Or maybe a right brain/ left brain difference. Whatever, they are both beautiful and interesting photos. Thanks for posting them.

Hattie--I'm not sure what you mean by "color enhanced"; so, please forgive me if the following explanation is an insult to your intelligence. As I understand it, usually (I would say "always", but you know what that does!), astronomical photos are not "color" photos in the ordinary sense of the word. Multiple scans are made of the scene using various filters, each of which allows passage of a band of wavelengths - some/many outside the band of wavelengths to which the human eye is sensitive. Then, each scan is processed to convert it to a visible color, and the results are combined to produce photos in what is known as "false color". So...yes, the colors are enhanced.

Darlene--I think it is a right/left brain thing. You are welcome.

All--I was too lazy to do the research beyond looking to see if the NASA site gave an explanation of the photo processing on either of the above images. NASA sometimes does include such info, but did not for these two. If anyone cares to explain better/more nearly correctly what goes on in astronomical photography, please feel free to comment. I will thank you.

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