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September 24, 2011


The spelling thing (espedcially if that headstone is of a relative) has got to really be a PITA!

That is so cool you doing the family research thing. I had transferred all your brother's findings into Family Tree a couple of years ago after WS's SIL had given us the files for her research into WS's family.

I am way too ADD to try to do the research on th - soemthing shiny is over there, I'll be back in a minute to finish the thou....

I even make fun of myself - yesterday I was in the garden in the middle of doing one thing, and found myself looking at doing something different before finishing. I actually said, "Look there is something shiny" out loud. No, it wasn't shiny, yes I interrupted my work to go do the other thing, no, I'm not sure I ever got back to the original task.

Bogie--Thanks for the laugh. My ADD does the same thing to....

International genealogy is a whole 'nother thing. My ex's maternal grandmother's father lived in Poland at one accounting, in Byelorussia the next, and then back in Poland, (all without moving) and the name was spelled differently each time.

Harold--Yes, it is a challenge because of the changing geo-political divisions as well as the changing spelling. Many of the ship's manifests that I've encountered are in German. Fortunately, my scientific German background and the fact that names are pretty much the same...well...we've already discussed variable spellings. I don't detect much hardship brought about by the German script.

My family tree is all over the place, even though everyone was in the U.S.A., Mexico, or Canada before 1820. So you might say we're New Worlders.
Geneaology is fun, but I do tend to drift off and get interested in other matters with only a little research carried through.

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