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September 15, 2011


1) a piece of upholstery - a chair cushion perhaps?
2) Blind slats
3)Cabinet door
4)Drain or inlet (blocked for shipping purposes) of ??
5) Peach

Bogie--1 (close) 2 (no) 3 (close) 4 (no) 5 (close)

Answers will auto-post Saturday morning while I am in KC.

Thanks for your email - I had forgotten the silver bullet. That was so long ago. Sure you aren't thinking of your grma & grpa H's? I know, I know...as a kid you had an amazing memory, so you probably really are remembering Aunt V's! Besides, I guess my folks' rig wasn't silver; but, Aunt V had the silver bullet in the 1960s!

Well, let's see...

1) Some kind of fabric...that's about as good as I can get on this one. It does look like some kind of upholstery.

2) Those lines are on something that has a shiny finish; porcelain or ceramic perhaps....haven't got a clue.

3) Hmmm, looks like somekind of basket weave...God only knows where.

4) Yikes...haven't got a clue. A Magnet? Yeah, I'll go with that..even though it's not. Looks like some kind of adhesive glue on the underside....I give up...UNCLE!

5) What do you mean it's NOT a peach? This is the one I was sure about. Okay, a nectarine? Looks like a peach to me too Bogie.

Darn...you give hard tests lady. ~Joy xo

Joy--1 (yes, fabric; but not upholstery - specific will be posted, Sat) 2 (not porcelain or ceramic) 3 (partial credit) 4 (not a magnet) 5 (yes! nectarine - I'll grant there is precious little difference between a peach and a nectarine - just fuzz on the peach)

Taking a break from physical labor. Trying to clean the house so if one or the other of my brothers spends the night here after the funeral, I won't be quite so embarrassed. A housekeeper I am not!

I give up. Not good at these things.

It is definitely Aunt V's silver bullet I remember - I can still see (in my mind of course) her sitting there smoking at the little table in the kitchen. Remember Uncle L being there too (when he had black hair). Grandma would take us out to see them if they were around.

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