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September 14, 2011


Terry has one uncle who is 104 but is in his last days. He has an aunt who is approaching 100 and is in perfect health. On my side, I have a 90 year old aunt. So we're still the younger generation to some.

Sorry for your loss.

Hattie--Wow! What genes you folks have. Is it okay if I display a bit of envy? (In my direct line, women don't make it to 80 and only my dad made it to 79 among the men. Most men went in their 50s.)

Janeywan--Thank you. My cousins and I are, unfortunately, somewhat relieved. Aunt V did not want to go into assisted living or a nursing home and she was becoming increasingly irrascible and agitated. The last time I saw her, Aunt V was smoking inside her apartment which made it impossible for any of us nieces to be inside the apartment for more than 45 minutes or an hour. Aunt V told me, the last time I saw her, that smoking was her only pleasure in life. Not much to live for.

So sorry for your loss of Aunt V....rest in peace dear lady. Will they let her smoke in heaven? ~Joy

Joy--Thanks. For Aunt V's sake, I'm hoping so.

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