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September 17, 2011


Nice challenge! BTW - NG1 has taken quite a liking to our piano! He "played" for about an hour last night. Sure was nice to see someone use it! Made me want to get back to my music background. I pulled out some old sheet music (REALLY old-The beginner piano book from when Bogie and I took lessons-some 40 plus years ago) and had to really work to remember how to read music. So there we were, NG1 and me tickling the ivories for a bit. I don't think we are quite ready for America's Got Talent!

I never even thought of piano keys. Forgot completely about the picture from Uncle Mike with the Berlin Wall piece.

Dudette - I tried to read music (I have forgotten why) about 10 years ago and couldn't. However, my excuse is that I was never into music as much, or as long as you (and I only used 2 instruments to your, what, 10?)

Dudette & Bogie--When your dad is out of town, I open up the piano and try a few tunes (that's why I saw the keys to photograph). I'm definitely not up to the quality of playing that Dudette can produce (I blame my poor eye-hand coordination - gotta blame something!), but enough to keep my music reading skills at a bare minimum. I was working on St Louis Blues the other day. Expecting your dad home tonight.

Dudette--Another piano student for you, eh?!

Wow...that was interesting....some good stuff there; especially the piece of the Berlin Wall...cool. ~Joy

i thought #4 was a bald man with a sunburn!!!

Joy--I have always thought that Michael had a terrific idea when he decided to make the Berlin Wall presentations for his friends and family.

ME--I like your thinking! That idea had escaped me.

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