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September 29, 2011


It is a great comfort in these days of overexposure to be a person like you!
I really haven't thought about this, whether I make much of an impression. Probably not.

Hattie--There is something to be said for anonymity, isn't there? You, yourself, make an indelible impression on those who read your blog. As for what type of impression you make in person, I guess I'll have to come to your paradise to find out! *grinning*

While there are a lot of things about the two of us which are very diverse (I'm disorganized and math and logic escape me), we are twins in so many ways. My class is having it's 45th reunion in a couple of weeks and I didn't even bother to sign up for it. I haven't seen 99 % of them in the past 45 years and haven't missed them. If we were to meet, I doubt that most of them would recognize me.

You and I share the inability to have fingerprints taken, so we could start an all girl gang! *G*

Although my fingerprints are tough to take, they have always persevered until the task was done. I wouldn't make a very good criminal. Heck, I can't get on a plane without a full body search, so I must look extremely suspicious. Not only that, but almost everyone I meet tells me I look exactly like someone they know well, so it seems that no one would have a problem describing me.

I have been accused of being places I wasn't at. For example, one guy asked a co-worker what I was doing out of work on a specific day - he claims to have seen me driving around in Peterborough. I was at work, In MA helping stock up a new store, with his wife. He was convinced he saw me though.

I am so recognizable that people recognize me, even when it isn't me!

Buffy--Good to see that you are getting out and about on the blogosphere, again. (I'll have to drop by your place!)
It appears that your all-girl band has at least three members - all within the family.

Bogie--Perseverence pays off, sometimes. In my case, while they were using paper and ink, they would usually have me come back a few times and then say "good enough", since humans would be doing the interpretation, anyway. In the digital age, at least I've not had to go back; but, they've put Corn Husker's Lotion and all sorts of stuff on my fingers trying to get definition. When they can get one or two prints off of either hand, they usually give up and go with it.

When I lived on Vesta, a close friend used to tell me that she frequently saw me out driving - when there was no way it could have been me. I wonder if your twin is the daughter of mine?

"I am so recognizable that people recognize me, even when it isn't me!" Love it! *chuckling*

I had my 45th class reunion last year...and never signed up for it either (like Buffy). I had thought about it, but I guess I had more important things to do. My daughter was due to have her baby the exact time of the reunion. For me that was a no-brainer. I don't really have much contact with friends from H.S....but my old boyfriend from that time called me a few years ago and we spent some good nostalgic time together. We're still good friends and are in contact from time to time. ~Joy

Joy--How interesting that you and your old boyfriend have been in sporadic contact. That must have been an interesting interaction the first time you were contacted!

As there was only one boy with whom I went out more than once while in high school (he was Elder Brother's college fraternity brother), meeting an old boyfriend from high school is out of the question for me. Come to think of it, even the boys with whom I went out only once were not graduated the same year as I (OR with the class of 1956!) One was my brother's roommate, three were graduated from a different high school, one was graduated in 1954, and the rest were graduated in 1957 (although, one of them married a girl from 1956.) Oh, and, as far as I know, one dropped out!

It is great that you and the old boyfriend are still good friends!

This is a great set of memories and probably typical of some of the ones I had but didn't go into with the blog I wrote. One thing I didn't tell was when I came up to my Spanish teacher who was at the reunion, I said I had him for Spanish. He asked-- did you retain any of it? I said, no and you probably did not expect I would, did you?

The thing I didn't tell him was what he said to me when our class was doing the decorating for the senior prom. I think he must have asked who I was going with but don't recall that part. I just remember when I told him, he said-- you are moving up in class, aren't you? I don't remember having a reply to him. I might have been moving up all right, whether it was for the reason he thought (our class was very clique oriented). I was stepping up because this was my first prom to go with a boy I liked, one with whom I was going steady at the time. The rest had just been dates. I am quite sure that wasn't how he meant it ;) It's kind of amazing how teachers observe the students and their relationships or at least did in that school

Rain--I'm hoping that your Spanish teacher was not that clueless with everyone and for all of the years that he taught. Weird!

Interesting that you were not just a bystander in high school. (You participated by decorating for your senior prom - and in other ways?) You surely are no bystander, now, so why shouldn't I have thought that you were similarly inclined then?

We can prove (if proof were needed) that what is important to an individual is not equally important to those around them. With age comes less anguish over such things - thank goodness!

I was not popular back then but I was involved as much as you can be when you live in the country. When my parents bought a second car, I could do a lot more at the school. I've always though been an introvert which doesn't mean shy but just i need alone time more than an extrovert. My school had a lot of involvement, I think, and I went to pretty much every homecoming or prom from the time I was 15, went to games, etc. I think a lot of the kids did though. My daughter's school was very different from that; so I think it's one of those things you can't really explain what leads to that. It was a mill town; could that be a factor with a fair amount of money hence going into the school system, maybe a lot of the kids whose parents knew each other; although that was not the case with my family where my dad worked in Portland. Some of that though still appears to be true when we went over there for the reunion and they just build a brand new high school that was huge and state of the art from what I could tell.

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