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August 06, 2011


Yes, it is all Bush's and the Republicans fault (still, after they have been out of power, for several years).

But, the Democrats have had their fair share of stuff too, so what did we learn about the Democrats?

I'm not going to answer that, just thought I'd throw in that question. Although, I find it interesting that those who usually scream about how we should cut defense spending (because if we show peaceful intentions, no one will attack us), are now calling cutting defense spending a bad thing.

And, this week, we learned that raising the debt ceiling is not a majic elixer that soothes Wall Street.

And, I still know that when my debt ceiling is reached, I cannot just raise it, something has to be cut (really cut, not raising spending by only 11% instead of a planned 15%).

Bogie--I agree that no one political party is responsible for all the ills of our economy or of our country and I agree that there is entirely too much finger pointing going on. However, this particular listing, although it bashes one major party more than the other, includes enough factoids that it reminds me of some of the things that we may have forgotten. I looked for a listing that bashed the other major party that included factoids and, so far, have found none that fulfilled my objective. The listings that I found which bashed the other major party bashed only that one major party. Perhaps it would have been better had I listed only those items on the listing that refrained from mentioning a party so that it would not seem that I was finger pointing. (I chose not to "cherry pick", but to include the entire list.)

As to Pres Bush (either one): No, I have never "blamed" only him/his administration for our all of our economic ills. I ascribe "blame" to the Kennedy/Johnson administration, to the Carter administration, to the Reagan administration....However, going through the history of our economy, I find that the party that preaches fiscal restraint and small government is the party that is responsible for a larger proportion of our national debt than should be conscionable to "them". (I consider myself a fiscal conservative and am registered as a Republican, although, for most of my life, I have been registered as an Independent.)

P.S. Being out of power for several years does not relieve anyone of taking responsibility for what they left for the following administration to deal with.
P.P.S. I ascribe the greatest part of "blame" to us, the voters. I, after all, voted for one of the presidents to whom I ascribed "blame", above.

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