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August 17, 2011


I read a lot of SF as a teenager in the 50's. Then in the 80's I took a college course in Fantasy and SF and read a lot of feminist SF by Joanna Russ and Vonda MacIntyre. We also read John Cowley's Aegypt and Little, Big. Later on I discovered Octavia Butler on my own.
SF still goes on, but one could argue that the golden age was the 50's, with so many SF magazines and great new stuff coming out all the time.
I've read some of the things on the list and maybe should investigate the ones I haven't.

Apparently my taste runs to crap - some of the books I voted for didn't even make the top 100.

Hattie--I'm not familiar with any of the authors that you list. Obviously, your sci-fi reading has been more nearly current than mine. My big whine about sci-fi when I was in high school and college was that most of it, ala Heinlein, was written for teenaged boys and featured the daring do of teenaged boys who "came of age" over the course of the book. I won't bother reading the rest of the stuff on the list as I no longer find even the blurbs of most sci-fi books interesting.

Bogie--Recognizing that you and I rarely connect with the same author's writing (Aeul, notwithstanding), my thinking is that your taste is better developed than the average sci-fi reader - oops! No one said that the people voting on the website were average or, in any way represented the average. Perhaps it was mostly us old fogeys voting who outnumber you young whippensnappers.

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