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August 01, 2011


These pictures are wonderful of everyone...and those babes are too adorable. Since I'm one of those grandmas who doesn't have her grandkids close by....I think it's fabulous that the grandparents get to visit and play with those cuties every week. That's the perfect scenario to me...and may they always have oodles fun together. That brownie looked pretty good...and that water looked very refreshing with all these hot days. ~Joy

Hi, Joy--Actually, the two grandmothers are part of the support team - filling in when the day care person is unavailable or "off duty". I think that each of them gets to keep the wee ones at least one day every second week (they alternate so that neither has to take off work every week!) Wonderful GrandDaughter returned to work (LPN at a skilled nursing home) a few weeks ago. WGD also brought the brownies!

We are having a fine time with our children and grandchildren, who all live in Seattle. This is a great summer for us, and I can see it is for you, too.

What a great day!!!!

Great photos! NG1 looks like a redhead as is my first and only grandson whose hair is now becoming a bit more visible. He has the benefit of one set of grandparents and maternal grandparents providing some care. Wish we didn't have so many states between us, or I could share the fun. My only other grandchild, now a teenager, has been on the opposite coast most of her life, so contact is spasmodic.

NG2 busy taking in the world looks like.

Wonderful you could all be together for memories that will be long-treasured -- pictures the little ones will enjoy seeing in years to come.

I should have previewed what I wrote to correct "...he has the benefit of maternal grandparents..." -- only one set of grandparents we're talking about. I'm the only other living grandparent and on paternal side.

Hattie--I've been enjoying your trip postings.

Kay--Yes, it was. We hadn't been together since early June, so the boys had grown a bit!

Joared--It would not surprise me if NG1 became the first redhead in our family since me.

Since I married a Yugoslavian with a long list of predecessors who had brown hair/brown eyes (well, Hunky Husband's mother had green eyes), there really wasn't much possibility that any of our kids would be redheaded. I was surprised that younger daughter, Bogie, had green eyes (and she was blonde until well into her teens). Dudette and Wonderful GrandDaughter (as you can partially tell from the photos) have brown hair/brown eyes. We shall see...if I live long enough.

I am so much older than my own great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother were when I was the age of our wee ones, that I'm not terribly hopeful of seeing another generation!

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