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July 13, 2011


very perceptive! i think i read the book, but didn't remember anything significant like the gender of the protagonist. thanks for a thought-provoking post!!

I am very sure I read the book. I am not so sure about seeing the movie. I guess I will have to remedy that.

Catching up on your blogs. I will comment on working hands. I have only had one manicure and it was a dud because my nails were so short and the cuticles so bad there wasn't much that could be done. I had my first pedicure after breaking my hip. I could no longer trim my own toenails and a pedicure was much cheaper than going to a podiatrist.

ME--Thanks for your comment, and for coming by.

Darlene--You really should see the movie. It is on TV about once every year or two.

That was no "pedicure". Cleaning the feet and cutting the toenails are a must! That is a medical necessity.

I really bristle each time a local newspaper personality writes that, if one is going to wear sandals, one must have nicely groomed feet - including color on one's toenails. I wear hosiery with dressy sandals (a rarity). I must admit to showing my feet by wearing slides when I go out to run errands. However, as long as my feet are clean, I cannot imagine that anyone cares!

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