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July 19, 2011


I missed every one of them - heck it took me a while to find the second goldfinch in the individual croppings.

Bogie--I feel for you. It's a rotten, low-down, dirty shame that the medical people can't come up with a "fix" for you. They fixed Hubble, didn't they? Oh, wait - that wasn't done by medical people. It was done with zillions of our tax dollars; but, few would argue that the knowledge we have gained should have been foregone. If there were 3 Million people out there with your eyes, each willing to part with 100 Thousand dollars, the medical people might be more "incentivized". I'll keep hoping for you. (Heck! I had a hard time seeing the female, even in person - except when she moved.)

I need to get a camera like my old Nikon, but digital, so that I can post better quality photos. (These photos are posted at full resolution.) I get jealous when I see photos such as Dave Seibel posts. Of course, he uses a lens that is a foot-and-a-half long! (A poor carpenter always blames his tools!)

I was able to see the Goldfinch on the top leaf and I finally saw the profile of the other one behind a leaf, but darned if I saw the butterfly until you zoomed in on him/her.

Spied them, just love gold finches!

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