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July 23, 2011


"Computer Scientist: 10 is prime, 11 is prime, 101 is prime... [I think the first number should be "01" rather than "10". Anyone who disagrees should stay after school with me to dust the erasers, during which time we shall discuss it! CC] "

But 10 is prime - it represents "2" in binary, which is what a computer scientist should be counting in (11=3, 101=5).

Bogie: But 2 isn't an odd number unless odd numbers are defined differently in the binary system! I find in an article, The Binary System , by Christine R Wright (with some help by Samuel A Rebelsky):
"All binary numbers are in the form

a[n]*2^n + a[n-1]*2^(n-1)+...+a[1]*2^1 + a[0]*2^0

where each a[i] is either a 1 or a 0 (the only possible digits for the binary system). The only way a number can be odd is if it has a 1 in the 2^0 column, because all powers of two greater than 0 are even numbers (2, 4, 8, 16...)."

Truly, I should have written that "I think the first number should be 11 rather than 10 since 11 is an odd number greater than 01."

[Well! We got some of our erasers dusted, didn't we, Bogie? And you neatly led everyone into thinking base 2. Thank you!]

I love your new window treatments!! And my recovering brain shut down on the tech stuff.

Thank you, Kay. BTW: Most of us techies get so absorbed in technical problems that we completely escape worrying about the real world. I feel for you!

Ah, I forgot what the "Challange" was. I got caught up in the Prime part.

Love your blinds. I really need to do that in the office. I think about it all the time, but have never pursued it. They really are beautiful. Like Kay....I think my brain is trying to recover.....from little kids and craziness; so that tech stuff is just a blurr right now. Hugs, Joy

Bogie--Wish I could say that I never get tunnel vision. Unfortunately, as you well know, I cannot say that - at least not truthfully! We can, next, go into hexadecimals, eh?

Joy--Thank you! I priced the vertical blinds at two places, JCPenney and Budget Blinds (don't know if they are a national chain - they are a supporter of our local public radio station). Budget Blinds' price was considerably less than the JCPenney price. The top-down/bottom-up blinds on the little kitchen bay window cost about the same (total) as the two vertical blinds (total); but, I think they are/will be worth it!

All--If you've not already done so, do yourself a favor by checking out Baby Olive's photo and video at The Joy of Six . (One needs to scroll downward to the video in the left land sidebar.) Hunky Husband and I certainly enjoyed it them.

Oh CC....you are so sweet....thank you for your thoughtfulness. ~Joy xoxo

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