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June 30, 2011


Thanks for posting the link - and reminding me that I have that catagory, I had forgotten about it.

Most of our motorcycle trip pictures are under the http://bogieblog.typepad.com/happenings/motorcycles>Motorcycles link - in case anyone is interested.

Bogie--I had noticed that your photos from Weir did not show up; but, figured that was recent enough that anyone who followed the links would find it. You have posted some wonderful photos over the years!

I am just beginning to catch up with my friend's blogs. You really got ahead of me. I will have to save the links for later, but I want to comment on your house. It is really beautiful and you have done a bang-up job on landscaping. I can't help but envy you. As I recall you once owned another house that I admired. We must share a taste in architecture.

Darlene--Thank you for the compliments.

Landscaping is an ever-evolving thing. We spent what, to me, was a lot of money in the original landscaping of these yards; but, little of the original remains - some of it having been changed 2-4 times, as I got "smarter". Most of the "re-do" has involved my own acquisition of plants (or moving of existing ones) via my own strong back. *smiling*

I think that you liked my Albuquerque house. I like clean lines, do you? I think that you would make a fabulous neighbor. Too bad we are so far apart!

Lots to look at here. And Happy 4th.

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