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May 08, 2011


Awww, baby birds...so cute. Happy Mother's Day CC... ~Joy

Thank you, Joy, and the same to you!

Baby birds are so cute!

Good luck with the exercise, although I'm sure you are well prepared for it.

Bogie--I would be well prepared for the exercise had I not gone on assignment. I had just received the "Playbook" and the joint FEMA/Missouri operating plans a few days before leaving on assignment. I just started reading it, yesterday. The "stuff" that I'm supposed to know is about 1700 pages. No chance, now.

As I once told your dad: They can train me and teach me and tell me how I'm supposed to do things; but, when I'm on an assignment I just do what needs to be done. The same will go for this exercise.

You have a lot more energy than I do these days!!!!

And the birds are simply darling!!!!

This year the closest thing to a nest I had was some twigs I found on the floor of my carport under a pillar that a foolish Dove built her nest on one year. We get some strong windstorms here in the Spring and her nest, with all the eggs, blew down. I was glad that the prospective nest builder thought better of her choice of a place to build her home this Spring.

Wow. What a lot you have to do. I can't believe the disasters happening. My husband just said it looks like New Orleans is going to get flooded out again.

Kay--Thanks for the thought; but, from your postings, I do believe that you could run rings around me. I'm anxious for your return.

Darlene--I'm sorry that your dove's choice of building sites proved to be so foolish. Bummer! Glad she learned something.

Hattie--We humans are pretty foolish. Every time we build a levee, it provides conditions that cause the soil to subside. I would bulldoze New Orleans and its levees. Trying to keep people there is a bad, if old, idea. Only sampans should serve as abodes in that area.

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