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April 24, 2011


My goodness! I got tired just reading this!!! Can I please borrow a cup of energy? A belated happy birthday!!!! And the quilt is fabulous!!!!!

We get grass fed local beef here, and it is wonderful.
I love that quilt! My daughter has a quilt on display that my husband's grandmother made for him. Washed numerous times, it has held up well and is still quite charming.

Oh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and a Happy Anniversary, too! It sounds like you had a pleasant few days, and you must be pleased that things are working out for the NLE 2011.

The quilt looks fabulous! Congrats, Gramma, on a job well done!

Wow...you have had a lot going on CC. Happy belated birthday and Happy Anniversary too. NG2's quilt looks absolutely beautiful...you should be very proud. I just love it. Congrats on all you have accomplished and celebrated this week... ~Joy xo

I knew I was forgetting a card when I was mailing them out - Happy Anniversary.

The quilt is awewsome - great job!

All--I'm absolutely delighted that each of you made it by. Thank you for coming by and for leaving good wishes. They are appreciated. I really wasn't ignoring you, but if you've read my next posting, you know what my life has been like for the past 8 days.

More when I return home. Take care of yourselves!

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