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April 10, 2011


TypePad has been full of glitches lately. I'm glad you are back in the swim.
We have year round yard work in the jungle. So don't complain!!!

Sorry you've had trouble with Typepad - I haven't noticed any glitches, but I don't get on it but once a week (well, sometimes twice).

Glad youre enjoying the fruits of Christmas and the jams too. When I pulled the jars of jam out of storage, I thought the labels didn't look right versus the contents, and was glad I thought to forwarn you guys!

Glad your TypePad troubles are okay now. I haven't noticed any with mine, but you never know when something will pop up. You've been a virtual weed-pulling fool, haven't you? I don't remember the last time I pulled a weed...I don't think my achy body would appreciate the effort. I guess that's why I still keep a lawn service that comes once a week. If I got down on my knees at this stage...I might never get up.

Nothing like homemade jam...YUM. My Grandmother use to make the most incredible things.... ~Joy

Yeah, crows are problems getting in other birds nests, but to eat their eggs or displace chicks. Quite frequently I see and hear raucous noise then look up in the sky to see real aerial combat -- mockingbirds attacking by divebombing and coming up underneath while the maurading crows protest vocally.

Bogie--I think I've opened the last jar of your wonderful salsa. I devour the stuff! It is so good on cottage cheese or on Mexican foods (tacos, nachos, tostadoes). Had you not warned me about the labeling, I might have thought that my tastebuds had gone south (which they have, to some degree - but that's another story.)

Hattie--You are so, so right. I could never cope with your environment - beautiful as it may be. Heat,
humidity, rampant growth of vegetation are all hard on me - though I envy you your views!

Joy--Before I was old enough to attend grade school, Elder Brother and I made money by pulling weeds in our neighborhood - not to mention the weeding that we did, for free, at home. Mother loved roses but the native Bermuda grass in what had previously been a vacant lot in Tulsa made growing roses a chore - a chore in which we kids played a large role.

As I commented on your blog, though, I don't pull weeds on my knees - no way! I either bend from the hip joint or I sit on my butt. (Getting up, as you observed, is no fun; so I scoot around when on my butt.) I'm too cheap to pay someone else to do it. In truth, I enjoy being outside, even though I complain about the heat and humidity.

Don't we all enjoy the jams. My paternal grandmother made the most amazing applebutter. Bogie and Dudette have made applebutter that closely duplicated Grandmother's.

Joared--Yes, smaller birds can make life miserable for crows and hawks by mobbing them. Our airplane drivers take after the birds when fighters attack bombers. Well...that is pretty much in the past, but the movies made the most of it. We do have mockingbirds around here, but not very many. I've only seen one once or twice in our own yard. We usually have a brown thrasher lurking about, though.

All--Thanks for dropping by. I appreciate you! (And thanks for the emails!)

Yep...it was my paternal grandmother too. She was always making something wonderful...jams, jellies, pickles, applesauce and applebutter...and so much more. It was like heaven sitting in her kitchen as a kid. She also crocheted the most beautiful tablecloths and things...and was one of the most wonderful, loving and generous people you could ever meet. Can you tell she was one of the big loves of my life? ~Joy

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