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March 26, 2011


Well, I did post cat photos - photos of our cats. None of the cats in the email were ours, and I don't know where they came from, so think it is best if I don't post them.

I just bought a new pair of flats for work. My old pair is 3-4 years old and the insides and heels are done for. They were the best flats I've ever had, so I may see if someone can refurbish them for me.

Apparently that Red Cross worker, knows you a little better than HH. I just had to chuckle over that!

Bogie--Sorry about ragging you on the cats photos and I agree with your thinking. Once in a while, I sneak something into this blog that I don't have 100% permission on; but, I do my best and there is little chance of anyone's raising a fuss what with the blog not being open to search engines.

If you get a pair of shoes that suits you really well, it is very satisfying to have them fixed up. Last year, I had the elastic replaced on the heel strap of a pair of sandals. I don't often wear sandals, but have always liked these - huarache style.

Actually, D had worked with your dad for several years before I even became involved in the Red Cross and, since she took over as Mgr of Disaster Response & Planning, he has been her volunteer partner. HH and I decided that perhaps some people in your generation (she is between you and Dudette in age, I think) just hadn't heard the terminology used as he had used it.

Thanks for posting the photos of your kitties and WS. That is one huge feeder. I recall thinking so when I saw it in the catalogue.

I am used to cars needing "sneakers" instead of "shoes", but same difference.

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