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March 03, 2011


You certainly put a lot of hard work into your quilting CC....but OH, how I love it. To get one of your pieces as a present is truly a very special thing.....they are just so beautiful. ~Joy

I am so delighted that I am to blame for "INFECTING" you with the quilting bug! lol I love the batiks, of course, and you are SO smart to adjust the pattern to your needs and preferences. I never totally make a kit or pattern that someone else has designed exactly as they have made it. It wasn't a conscious thought, it just sort of happened that way, and I'm always happier with my versions. Usually our growth comes from having to work with too little of a fabric, as in your case, or some times we have too many to choose from, and want to use them all. We should treasure the quilts that are our personal expressions, and I am sure that WGD and NG1 do, and will treasure your quilt!

Wow - what the process - and you aren't even done yet!

Joy & Bogie--Non-quilters have no idea what goes into making a quilt. My mother enjoyed hand piecing and, when she finished a quilt top she would hire the quilting done. Mom really enjoyed doing her piecing and other "fancy work" as she called her crocheting. I'm happy that she enjoyed it because it really is a lot of work.

Buffy--You, above all my blog friends, understand what goes into a quilt. I am overwhelmed with the number of full-sized, queen-sized, or king-sized quilts that you have completed. Your quilts are all done with precision and great artistry. Yes, I do "blame" you! *laughing* Did you ever post a photo of the jewel-toned quilt that you made, after the quilting and binding were completed? That quilt (as many of yours are) is museum quality in my mind/eye. I'll look for that photo now that I can see decently.

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