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February 19, 2011


78 degrees? Nirvana! We are only in the low 60's the last couple of days, but even that seems pretty wonderful compared to what we've been going through. It's so nice to actually see grass again. I hope your Aunt V continues to do well and recovers rapidly. Have a good weekend CC... ~Joy

We're still cold in Ohio although it was a balmy 50 for a day or so -- but February isn't over yet!!!

Both bird counts (NH Audubon and GBBC) are a bust for us. We can't really use the excuse of weather; last weekend was fairly nice, this one is cold and windy.

Doesn't help that we haven't seen a woodpecker (downey or hairy) or redbreasted nuthatch since December. I don't recall another year that those 3 birds haven't been around.

Glad Aunt V seems to be recovering and that she has family close to help keep tabs on her!

PS - really appreciate the email updates!!!!!

Joy & Kay--I'm just sorry that it wasn't you who had the 78 degrees. The -18 was a bit much; but, I'd rather be too cool than too warm. I look silly when I strip down to my string bikini to run to the post office! :-|

Bogie--Friday wasn't too bad and we added 3 or 4 species, yesterday. We had 3 Cedar waxwings Friday, 26 yesterday, and 9 early this morning. BTW: We finally saw a Hairy a week or 10 days ago - the first one in a long time. We haven't had a Red breasted nuthatch in a few years, although we have seen as many as 3 White breasteds.

I forgot to call Cousin S, last night, so I am behind on knowing Aunt V's progress.

We have been having record warm temps here in Atlanta for the past week. A welcome relief from the snow and stuff.

Sending healing thoughts and prayers to your Aunt V.

We've had the same up and down temps. as you and many other areas of the nation seem to be experiencing. A week ago after we sent that horrendous monster snow storm east Feb. 1st, we enjoyed 70's weather. My Sun. aft. outdoor jazz concert required no jackets 'til the sun went down around the last set. This Sun. and the past week has seen periodic rain here, snow in the mtns. and temp. highs in the 50's. We can expect mostly dry warmer days until week's end and then back to storm. I suppose you may well expect weather effects from this coming your way.

Was surprised to see any sort of wren in one of your earlier post photos as I would have thought climate still too cold for them there yet. Maybe the weather changes have thrown them off as it has some of my plants that bloomed much earlier this year.

Hope all continues to proceed well with your Aunt V. Good she got to the hospital quickly. Also good to have so many family members around to assist as needed given this day and age of mobility resulting in many family members distantly scattered. As I age I find I have to give more thought to compensating for that factor to effectively meet my needs. I've always been aware of this but living it for myself first hand is a different matter.

Chancy--Glad that you are getting a bit of relief from the cold. I remember making it to a meeting at Wright-Patterson AFB from my home in Panama City FL and finding myself the only one who had made it in from out of state. ATL was socked in with an ice storm so the USAF guys (for whom my company was doing contract work at Tyndall AFB) got stuck in ATL. Fortunately, I had decided to go to Wright-Pat one day early to give me a chance to try to land a contract with the labs there. My USAF guys were happy to have me up there to represent them!

Joared--You are pretty much right that what you get rid of, we usually see, in the way of weather.

Carolina wrens stay here year-round. We occasionally get a Winter wren. Not all wrens are cold-averse, it turns out.

All--Thanks for your continued good wishes for my aunt. She has been moved to a rehab center where she will spend approximately 3 weeks building up her strength and endurance for her return to living independently. This is new for her. She hasn't had exercise for years! Especially not since her husband died 5 1/2 years ago.

As I read of your 78* temperature I look at my weather bug and see it is only 49* here. How weird is that? Like Joared's area, our temperature's have been yo-yo like.

I am glad your Aunt V is recovering and hope she continues to do well.

Darlene--Our weather can be really strange at times, can't it? I do recall upon moving back to the Wichita area at about this time of year in 1967, from Seattle, that we had an 80-degree temperature swing within 48 hours (well...that's what I recall...rightly or wrongly.) I hope that your temperatures settle down to your liking.

Thanks for the wishes for Aunt V. She is working hard at getting her strength up.

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