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February 28, 2011


Oh I just love it! And so would my daughter, Jenna....she LOVES and collects dragons; plus, like her mom....she loves quilts. The colors are absolutely gorgeous. You sound so delighted about this project... ~Joy

What a cool great-gramma you are! My baby quilts are palid compared to yours, and I bet that quilt will be treasured, always. Very nice. I love visiting early in the morning and finding that a friend has been quilting. *S*

A beautiful quilt for a special baby. It will become a family treasure.

Joy--NG1's & NG2's grandfather (WichiDude) is a dragon (& fantasy) fan; but, on this project, the truth is that I had a hard time finding a "main" fabric that "spoke" to me. NG1's quilt had a whimsical cat in a sorcerer's robe and wand as its theme, so I was looking for a whimsical critter that was not a cat for NG2. I had no idea what the layout of the quilt would be until after I had purchased the fabrics. The ideas "came" to me as I was turning over in my mind that the fabric (which I loved) did not have a large enough/strong enough motif to carry the quilt on its own. Thus, the applique square & the ray design. Yes, I am delighted.

Buffy--Thank you, dear. As my quilting mentor it means a lot when you are pleased with my efforts. Hey! Everyone has their own "take" on what a baby quilt should be. I love to think of my great-grandbabies' being surrounded by bold colors and designs.

Darlene--Wonderful GrandDaughter assured me that NG1's quilt would be well-worn by the time he grew up and I assume that NG2's will also be well-worn. That is as it should be. You know how I am averse to things that are not useful. Each baby should be seen as a special baby, I'm sure that you agree.

Wonderful GrandDaughter has the right idea. These quilts should be used, and not put away never to be seen for decades! I tell my family that I'm giving them "use it up-wear it out" quilts!

Hah.....your mentor! lol I have a LOT to learn from you, CC. You have a great sense of color. *S*

Buffy--Yes, you were the one who started me in quilting and you have mentored me along the way, including hostessing a few days at your own home (a high point in my retirement years!) Thanks for the "color" praise. Now I must confess that I had help. The woman who taught my "Beyond Beginners" quilting class, for which I started Hunky Husband's Afghan quilt in 2005, is now working at a little quilt shop in Wichita which I visited for the first time while mulling what to do and picking out fabrics to go with the main fabric. (Come to think of it, I'll make a posting for you to show you how things came about.) It was she who suggested the deep orange fabric. I had not even noticed that there was orange in the main fabric until she pointed it out to me. Give Sharon big credit for that, please!

Wonderful quilt idea for your grandchildren. Do you use only hand stitches, or do you also use a sewing machine for any of the work on the top? I should be so ambitious. I'm sure your quilts will be long treasured as are some my mother quilted.

Joared--I am not dedicated enough to do all of that hand stitching and, within the last year, my back problems mean that the less time I spend sitting, the better. Machines are faster than hand stitching. In addition, with the years, my right hand has become more shaky and more painful to use. Even if I wanted to hand stitch, it would be a challenge.

As for ambition: Buffy and her ilk are the ambitious ones. Anytime Buffy is not quilting, she is lamenting the fact (well...unless she is cooking a delicious meal!) I don't think I'm overdoing it by having done three small quilts (36" x 36" or smaller) and three medium-sized (48" x 60") quilts in five and one-half years. (I'm anticipating that I will have finished the NG2 quilt within that span, at least.)

Don't you love having a friend like Sharon? One of my good friends works at my favorite fabric shop, and I love to take my plans to her for help. Sharon was right about the orange. I can't see the orange in the fabric from the photo, but the orange gives the top just a little zip. Had you used any more it might have overwhelmed the quilt.

This is definitely a winner! Way to go, CC!

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