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February 12, 2011


Hopefully your plants are okay. I'm not worried about plants surviving in the cold that we have had the last couple of weeks (-18 is still the coldest) because of the snow cover. I am more worried about the negative temps we had in December (-10 or so) Even zone 4 or 5 plants have a tough time when they have no protection at all.

only time will tell for both of us.

Okay, you know I meant to say that the -22 was the coldest we have had. Jeeze, talk about brain freeze!

Bogie--We had Tender Care put in a couple of column junipers (I think that they were about $400 each) + I bought about 15 small shrubs (a few each of three kinds of holly and a couple of butterfly bushes) that I planted last spring and summer.

My worry is for those new plants because we have been having drought conditions for several months (we are still -1.5 inches of precip for 2011!) I didn't have the time to drag the hoses around to water everything a couple of weeks ago before the first of the two cold waves hit and didn't have high enough temperatures in between the two.

I'm also worried about your creeping phlox that got transplanted in late summer, some daylilies that were first planted in mid-summer, and some yarrow planted in mid-late summer - for the same reason. They may have been very dry (hard to tell, since they are in clay).

Yikes!!! I hope your plants are fine!

And thanks for the kind comments!!!

The phlox will be fine once they get some water - phlox is very good at going dormant when it needs too. I would think the daylilies will be okay too. I would be more worried about them if you had too much rain as that stresses them more than dry conditions.

I'm not so sure about the yarrow. I'm pretty sure it is a zone 3 plant, but I'm not sure how it is under stress.

Bogie--Thanks for the info on the yarrow. I hadn't thought to check. As to the previously mentioned column junipers, I had forgotten one of them - there are three.

Yikes...that is just darn cold CC. I really do hope there are no lasting ill-effects on your plants. Well, at least you know you have plenty of company. This week we are expecting to actually have some warmer temps to help melt these mounds of snow. If I could do a handspring....I would. Stay warm...and hopeful.... ~Joy

Kay & Joy--Thanks for the good wishes on our plants. I'm betting (not very much, mind you) that your wishes will make the difference and that they will, thus, pull through in fine shape.
It was 46 degrees when I awoke this morning.

The cold broke records in the desert, too. It got down to 8* one night followed by a few more freezing nights. This minute I have the door open and it's 78*s. Thank you Sol.

I lost many plants, but they would have survived if I had covered them. Pipes broke here, but I was lucky. My garden hose was filled with ice and when I tried watering, chunks of ice came out with the trickle of water. That's a first for me in all the years I have lived here.

The coldest I ever experience was -29 in Madison, WI. No tender plants thrived there. Including me!

Fingers crossed for your plants! -17F, indeed! You guys can keep those negative double-digit temps!! How did the birds fare?

-18F, I mean....every litter bit counts when it gets down there....

Hattie--You beat me. I don't think I've been out in weather less than -18, before, come to think of it. In 1960 (+/-), it was -17 or -19 when I went to work on a Saturday. I wore black woolen slacks & a long-sleeved blouse and you would have thought I had posed for Playboy from the grief my co-workers gave me. Women just did not wear pants to work in those days!

ME--I don't know about "the" birds, but the birds in our locale did fine. They had lots of food and unfrozen water to dabble in at our house.

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