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December 12, 2010


You are sooooooooo talented and HH has marvelous taste!!!!!!!

Oh, I instantly knew which plaque you were describing, I just don't remember making it, so I beleive that Dudette made it.

Oh my gosh...I love it all. The pieces you and your friend made are just wonderful CC. That chip and dip set is just beautiful, and of course I love all the ornaments you both made. The snowdolls are adorable; and that dragon is gorgeous. My daughter would love that one...she collects dragons. I love the various little bowls and those half pots are so pretty. As you can see....I basically just love pottery and ceramics. I've always loved topaz, and that pendant is lovely. ~Joy

I swear I made the Holly Hobbie (?) plaque back in the day, it looked just like that! You really do some beautiful pieces!

Kay--Thank you. (You knew that any guy who chose me - twice! - had to have good taste, no?)

Bogie--The plaque has been so labeled - including the fact that I, myself, added the chunk of granite (from Tehachapi CA) when some of the "moss" fell off after a bunch of years.

Joy--Elegant Friend is really artistic and does a beautiful job, I agree! After the holidays, I'll try to remember to post a better photo of the dragon.

Janeywan--I didn't know that the plaque was a Holly Hobie thing, since I've never heard of "her". Thanks for the info - and for the compliment.

I can't get the pix to enlarge. Type Pad seems to be having one of its periodic fits. Your work looks excellent from what I can see of it.
But what I like about ceramics is that it's craft work and one can be well pleased with whatever one does. Well, with most things anyway!

It's fun to see your work. In the 70's my parents had a kiln and let us "play" when we came to visit. Dad became pretty good at pouring slip into forms, and then sanding the greenwear down. Mother prefered to play with the glazes and turned out some pretty neat pieces. I made a set of dishes but you wouldn't want to serve anything that was too juicy because they tended not to sit flat!

I love the topaz pendant. It's a beautiful setting, and a lovely stone.

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