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December 31, 2010


Happy New Year's to you.
That is an awesome array of good things to eat.

Happy New Year. Those were very encouraging examples of gift giving

Happy New Year!!!!! And what thoughtful and yummy gifts!!!!!

I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed growing/making and giving it!

Hattie, Rain, & Kay -- Wow! I am honored that anyone would spend New Year's Eve visiting a friend's blog. Thank you, thank you. I agree with the comments on the gifts for eating. Wish you were near enough to share!

Bogie -- Surely you jest. Eating is definitely the most fun of all the steps in traversing the food chain.

We missed having you here last night with Dudette & Wichi Dude, Wonderful GrandDaughter & Chew, and the star of the show Next Generation 1.

We definitely must plan to get you and your Wonderful Spouse here in 2011. We will celebrate your dad's 75th birthday this year. He, as usual, will be on call during August & September, and you may not be able to take off before your 1-year anniversary at your new company, but maybe we can plan to spend time together in October, November, or December?

Happy New Year CC. My gosh...everything looked wonderful. Somehow there's always room for goodies like that....my poor diet. All the best to you in the new year my friend. ~Joy

Happy New Year to you and family! Wow! All those goodies do look and sound enticing.

Happy New Year Cop Car.

Those jars of goodies reminded me of my deceased MIL. She made the best preserves and anything else you could can. Veggie soup, yum, pear preserves, Oh Boy. etc etc. I still miss her wonderful cakes and pies to this day.

We'll have to see what we can do in October. No more flying for me, so we'll have to work around that restriction.

glory!! i should live so long as to send or get xmas cookies from my favorite bloggers. most of the latter can barely get through their days as it is!

A belated Happy New Year. I am late and just easing myself back to blogging. It looks like you received the ideal Christmas present for retirees. We do so enjoy good food.

Happy New Year (belated.)

Bogie--I should have specified "late" October since, if HH is activated on 9/30/2011 he would not be released until 10/20/2011. Hope we can all gather!

ME--Sorry that you don't get cookies. You do know that I would send them one if I had your mailing address. ; )

Darlene--Through the miracle of comment editing, your comment looks just fine to me. Thanks for coming by.

cop car....what a kind idea...it's not that i don't get goodies in the mail--i DO. but most of them are from swell places like St. Croix Chocolate Co. and Harry & David. Do you think the Gov of NY's girlfriend would mind if I said they're semi-homemade??

Happy 2011!!


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