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November 11, 2010


I was bumming when I realized that we didn't have a flag holder up on the house (it hasn't been put back on since the siding was done). We always fly the flag for Veteran's Day as a sign of respect to our active and retired military.

Great pics from your baton twirling days and service days. Don't think I had ever seen the one of Dad's group.

Thank you two for serving in the Guards!

Love the photos!!!!! My family also has a long tradition of serving our country. My daughter was a PO2nd, too!!!

Bogie--On behalf of your dad and me, you are welcome. Both of our families were very thankful to and respectful of those who served. Your Grandmother S's three brothers all served in WWII. HH's father (probably) and my father (definitely) were not drafted because they had three children to support/help raise. My only able-bodied uncle was too young to serve and Grandfather D was too old (he died before the war ended.)

When I get a round tuit, I'll post more photos of your dad in uniform for you. It hadn't occurred to me that, although HH served for 12 years, you were only three years old when he resigned his commission and left the ANG (when we moved to Seattle). In my case, the photo that is above is the only photo that was ever taken of me in uniform, as far as I know. Certainly, it is the only one that I ever had. Even the photo on my military ID (which I no longer have, of course) showed me in civilian clothing.

Kay--Yes, I recall your mentioning your daughter's service. You are welcome to tell us about the whole family, here, if you wish. (It would refresh my memory without my having to admit that I've forgotten.) Thank you for dropping by.

Veteran's Day should be very important whether or not your family has a history of military service. We all owe the vetersns a debt that we can never repay.

My brother was in the Navy, but, other than that, my family's military service has to go back to the Civil War where I had two grandfathers wounded in that war. I have at least one ancestor who fought in the Revolutionary War.

I don't think you look like a prison matron at all.

Cop Car! This is the best Veterans' Day post yet, anywhere. You and HH actually were there, serving in the military. And you! sneaking in at almost age 42!! Sorry the parade photo won't enlarge like the others so we can get a better look at you in your white uniform. Thanks for posting this most enjoyable bit of history.

I don't have access to most of my family's photos from the WWII era, but my sister-in-law Gert was a WAC, and my three oldest brothers served in the AAF. My dad was in the Army in WWI. My great-grandfather hadn't come over from Ireland yet when the Civil War was on. One of my nieces is a Captain in the Navy, and my son, Tom, and oldest grandson, Ian, are both recent veterans. Tom served in the first Gulf War on the carrier JFK, and Ian was among the first troops to arrive in Iraq. They're both home and doing fine now, thanks be.

Darlene--You are entirely, absolutely correct. Our appreciation of veterans should not depend upon our own family's history. Thank you for not thinking I look like a matron. I can look quite severe; but, it came in handy as a woman working in a male-dominated profession. Most guys I could intimidate at will by giving them "the look"! *laughing*

ME--You really know how to brighten a person's day. Thank you for your kind assessment of my posting. I'm sorry that you haven't a comprehensive photo record of your family members' service. It would really be an interesting treasure for you. You say that your great-grandfather had not yet come over from Ireland; but, how about your other three great-grandfathers? (I'm being cheeky, here!)

All--Thanks for coming by.

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