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November 20, 2010


I lost a pair of emerald earings tha WS gave me for Christmas. They aren't on the earing tree or in my jewlry box. No other place that I would put them. I can't imagine a burglar only taking one little pair of earings (worth about $100). WS accused me of selling them and spending the money on my boyfriend :).

He finally gave in (WS, not the fictitious boyfriend), and got me another pair for another Christmas. I still miss the original pair though.

Glad you found the boots - you really liked those. The passport probably got mixed in with a pile of papers and got thrown away (I've thrown away bills before - right after writing the checks).

Bogie--I'm sorry about your earrings. There are so many places that a pair of earrings could hide - at work, in a car, at home - that you just have to hope that they will still show up. I generally lose only one earring of a pair. As to the passport: I would agree with you except my passport was kept in my bedroom, and my bedroom is where I did the packing. Your scenario would be absolute fact if my passport had been in my den! (I've thrown away a garage door opener, for heavens sake!)

It really is a Red Letter Day when you've found a special possession you thought you lost for so many years. It's such a nice shot of adrenaline. I'm hoping the same thing will happen to me regarding my high school class ring. It dropped off my finger a few years ago, and I was totally bummed-out. I'm still hoping it will pop up somewhere...just like your boots. Cheers! ~Joy

I love it when I find stuff that's been MIA. A red-letter day indeed!!!!

WONDERFUL story! and great boots, too. I lost my grandmother's prayerbook when I sold my condo. I was sure I had put it in a special small box for things I would want at once when I arrived at my new place, but no such box ever materialized. Knowing my giving-away habit, one of my friends suggested I might have taken the box to Good Will, and my heart sank. This is the only possession my mother had of her mother's, who died when mom was a toddler and before the rest of the family moved to the USA.

Last winter, I closed out my storage space and went through several big boxes. One of them held a brick-sized item swathed in bubble wrap and sturdy tape...Hmm...I got out my knife-scissors gadget and clipped the tape. Sure enough, it was Grandma's prayer book! Whew!! I bought a ticket to Chicago and carried the prayer book to my niece, a librarian and the family historian. No sense risking its disappearance again.

I want those boots!
I lost my passport, too, and found it stuck in a book, only after I had gotten a replacement.
I figure I'm OK as long as I don't lose my mind.

Joy--I should send you my class ring, not having worn it since I went away to college in 1955. (Think of how well preserved folks would think you are!) It probably would not be the same as your own ring, to you, though. I'll keep a lookout for it.

Kay--You didn't even tell us of what's missing for you - or are you one of those disgusting people who never mislay anything?

ME--Fascinating tale. I like your disposition of the book. No doubt your niece was thrilled and will take good care of it for you and your family.

Hattie--Hunky Husband has always made fun of me and my boots; but, all the young folks at work (I was in my early 40s, they in their late 20s) liked them, too. In early 1980s, HH was showing someone that he worked with photos of our granddaughter. They wanted to know who it was in those boots, holding the little girl!

Hmmm...since I usually give my books away, my old passport may be long gone. Glad yours showed up, even though it was late, as I'm sure it relieved your mind - which you had not then and have not now yet lost!

My mind went long ago!

Oh, I was just looking at your photos. What a fun glimpse into a past that seems a lot longer ago than it was.
Did you do the giant macramae plant holder? My cousin had one that covered a whole wall and was full of house plants. My mother in law made me one I still have that was really a work of art. I'm waited for macramae to come back into style so I can show it off again.

Hattie--No, I've not tried macrame - mostly because it takes patience. Bogie (Bogieblog ) made a beautiful bouquet holder when she was in middle or high school by macrameing over a 40-ounce juice bottle. (I should post a photo!)

During my stay in Albuquerque, I acquired several macrame plant holders and hanging tables. Hunky husband gave me a hanging, 3-level glass table that he purchased in Albuquerque's Old Town and I bought the hanging table with ceramic bowl light at the top and one wooden shelf - from the same gallery, I believe. They were quite lovely hanging from the exposed beams in my Albuquerque home's great room and, when we built this house, I had them include one exposed beam in the dining room and one in the front room, about 18" from the front windows - just to have supports for my hanging tables.

The BOOTS!! I've heard about these boots before, and didn't know they'd gone on walkabout. I'm so glad for you that you found them. They would have been a serious loss to your Red Cross wardrobe, if nothing else.

Like you, I lose one of a pair of earrings. I've held onto them for years, hoping that the mate would show up, but I think it's unlikely.

Buffy--Good luck to you - I have never, ever had a "single" lost earring re-surface.

Something that I failed to mention in a previous comment, "(I've thrown away a garage door opener, for heavens sake!)" was that I also (at about the same time) disposed of a few small, loose diamonds.

Three or four small (2-4 points, each) were in a jeweler's envelope, in which the jewelers had returned them after updating a pendant that Hunky Husband had given me years ago. (The goodly-sized grapefruit-colored topaz had been re-set into a heavier gold setting that required no diamonds to accent the topaz.)

I decided to gift my jewelers(a lovely couple) with the diamonds, to use as they saw fit. After all, it appeared that I would never use the diamonds.

On a day when I planned to see the jewelers, I sought the diamonds. After searching for the envelope to take to the jewelers, it finally dawned on me that I had disposed of the envelope - thinking that I had transferred the diamonds to a tiny plastic, sealed bag. Obviously, I had changed my mind and left the diamonds in the jeweler's envelope. Bummer!

I'll never miss those tiny diamonds, but they might have brought a bit of joy to someone who might otherwise not have been able to afford diamonds in a piece of jewelry. (You see how confident I am that the jewelers would have passed the little sparklers along? The jewelers truly are lovely people.)

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