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October 08, 2010


Wow!!!!! I envy you this experience.

Thanks for sharing it!!!!

Kay--You would have laughed at the input I got on FaceBook. A PhD fluid dynamicist (well, in point of fact, he's a magnetohydrodynamicist - MHD) responded to my posting that I had attended Prof Cronin's presentation (no room on FB for longer explanation) to say that he had been in a class taught by Cronin some years ago, and that he (my friend, who has four degrees and has taught at four or five universities/schools) considered Cronin a poor instructor. Be that as it may, it is no reflection on Cronin. Brilliant people must earn a living while they are thinking their lofty thoughts. To be so brilliant and so productive, I should certainly accept being a sub-par instructor!

So that no one need look up MHD, according to Wikipedia (and I agree), "MHD is related to engineering problems such as plasma confinement, liquid-metal cooling of nuclear reactors, and electromagnetic casting (among others)."

Sounds fascinating. Would enjoy getting the insight of Prof. I met here a few years ago. The past few years some retired Cal Poly Pomona Physics Profs. formed a CW music group -- playing to raise money for Physics Dept. scholarships. I used to enjoy talking with one of the group and his wife when we connected thru a jazz group whose blog he was webmastering. He took up drumming for fun on retirement and coincidentally the "Outlaws of Physics" group evolved. They continued performing thru 2010, but I see he didn't update their appearances on their web site. The last I knew the group didn't know if they would continue without their drummer, as he and wife recently relocated to Portland, OR.

These science and math major shortages keep eroding, contributing greatly to our moving further toward third world status. I know a friend's son had a scholarship in mid-eighties to a top school then, and the nation's 2010 number one engineering college, but he chose instead to attend a school in the state university system and focus his efforts in another area.

The supercollider seemed like a good idea to me those years ago, but not enough people in a position to support science investigation would get behind it. Don't recall much outcry from the public whose children and grandchildren will reap the consequences, unless this national attitude toward science turns itself around.

What a concept. I'll have to see if our local physicists and mathematicians can whip up a band, Joared! It was recently announced that the WSU physics department would be melded with the math and statistics departments into a "super" department, as none of the three was awarding enough degrees to merit being a stand-alone department. Of course, in our state-school system, there are many more departments known to be shy of awarding the minimum number of degrees, but they obviously had more clout with the decision makers. Everything is political, is it not?

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