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October 11, 2010


I certainly agree with you about respect. I don't appreciate vicious rants, name-calling including the use of divisive labeling, shock jocks and those willing to pander what they know is not truth in the obvious pursuit of personal gain. Controlling my own expressive language to be reasonable can sometimes be a challenge, but continues to be an ongoing endeavor.

I consider myself fortunate to have learned early to practice the concept of delayed gratification whether by necessity or choice. I attribute this to allowing me to avoid the gross materialism I've seen escalate in my lifetime. I recognize that despite best efforts, unpredictable circumstances can undermine even myself and/or those who take the appropriate steps to secure their future.

Appreciating what I have without coveting that of others is fundamental to happiness, I believe. Providing service to others, at whatever level is within my limit at any point in time is what I strive to do, like many individuals. Genetics, environment, education and luck are critical influences impacting my life. I believe I can choose how I view my life and whether or not I will maintain an attitude of hope for my future.

Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Joared. We seem to agree on some basic issues (it's always good to have company!)

Something that I failed to mention in the "Financial position" paragraph is how lucky I was to have (so far!) been invested predominately in stocks/bonds/etc that fared better than some in the ups and downs of the market. I lost my shirt on a couple of investments 15-20 years ago and, of course, lost a goodly percentage of net worth a couple of years ago; but, I can't complain about my investment luck overall - especially when I see others struggling through no fault of their own. We have to put up with the vicissitudes of life and have compassion/empathy for those who fare less well.

I've always envied athletic graceful people, since I'm a nearsighted klutz. There is always something someone else has that arouses envy, I guess.

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