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October 14, 2010


My Gateway computer just died a sudden death and I have to buy a new one. I was thinkig of an HP desktop since I had good luck with one before. Now I am not so sure.

Grr. I'm considering this an early warning about my Gateway, which I have started taking for granted. I'm going to back everything up.

Darlene & Hattie--Fortunately, the type of problem I've been experiencing does not make me lose anything that has been saved to my hard drive. It only affects whatever I am working on at the time the CLD drops power. It's irritating, but not as big a deal as a blown hard drive would be!

Darlene - Just one problem with an HP does not a trend make. We (WS and I) each have HP laptops, which have performed flawlessly: mine was bought new from a store and his was bought as "refurbished" from HP.

Bogie--Thanks for pointing out the lack of trend that I only thought to allude to. You (to my knowledge) didn't have any problems with either of your hand-held computers that were Compaqs (the same company, now.) In addition, I've owned three HP scientific calculators (HP-35 purchased in 1973, HP-19C purchased in 1978, HP-48GX purchased in 1993), HH has owned three HP scientific and business calculators, we've owned several HP printers, and I own an HP camera. Among all of those devices, the only thing that ever needed servicing (when it was 10 years old) was the thermal printer built into the HP-19C which was fixed and returned to me within a few days. Also, I used several different models of Compaq computers at work. I am sold on HP/Compaq quality.
Something that I found amazing about HP's technical support was that they were OK with my taking apart the machine, myself. In fact, their techies asked me to do so three times.

Just reading this makes me tired. At the first sign of trouble, I unload the current conputer and buy a new one. Only once have I gone to have a computer repaired (this past summer), and it's acting funny again. You seem to know a LOT about this sort of thing. I know nothing, and I've found a new computer always always always works better and has a newer model of the OS. If they last three years, they're doing good.

Good luck on the good deal.

ME--Thanks for the good wishes. It is obvious to me that you have high speed internet access. Getting a new computer is painful, since I have dial-up, for all of the hours (about 200, I'm guessing) that it takes to download the updates to all of the software that I load (Norton 360, Office 2007, Outlook, synchronization software for PDA, Camera, and smart phone, Photo Shop, and Adobe). Then, there is setting up my email accounts, again, transferring files, etc etc etc. Unfortunately, the CLD started acting up when it was a mere few days old and is, today, only 1.5 years old - surely not old enough to be replaced.

HH has been "working on" getting us high-speed internet access. He wants to get it through Earthlink so that he won't have to change his email address and he is stubbornly awaiting Earthlink's getting back with him - after several months I'm guessing/betting.

3 years - that isn't long enough to get my money's worth! I've had 3 desktops (my main computing method) since 1994. My latest one was born in 2004. I recently upgraded the memory which has done much to restore its vigor.

I got the laptops a couple of years ago to do other things that I want to do outside the den (upstairs where it is warmer in winter). I only got WS his own laptop because he kept stealing mine to load his music on his ipod. I wanted to do serious work (like reconcile the chekbook).

However, I am a little techie - which is why I'm on my 3rd desktop and not my 2nd (I accidently killed my 2nd one by cleaning the power supply while still plugged in - OOPS).

One of the things that has been on my 'to do' list is save some of my important files on my computer on back-up discs. I have some pictures saved, but I have other things that I would be devastated over losing should my hard drive crash one day. I've had a couple of nasty viruses and was very fortunate that my hard drive and files stayed in tact. It's amazing what a short life computers have these days...I hate to think about getting a new one and installing everything again. ~Joy

Oh, me, something swallowed my "answers" to Bogie and Joy, last night. Let's see how well I do at remembering the (terribly important, you can be sure) things I said.

I agreed with Bogie that a 3-year computer life was inadequate for my money - usually! I bought a 286 machine (Sharp) in 1989, which had a 20 Mb hard drive. I installed 8 additional chips in it to bring RAM up to 1 Mb. In 2002, I bought a Pentium 4 machine (hp Pavilion 751n), which I am now cleansing to get rid of. As I wrote, before, the CLD - hp Slimline - was delivered in early February 2010. The new computer (hp Pavilion p6510t PC) arrived yesterday afternoon and the box is unopened. As soon as I am feeling up to it (I've had a head cold for a few days), I'll get it set up.

Somehow, you continually amaze me that you seem to take after me in having a death wish. Was the power supply clean when you finished? *chuckling*

Joy--Although I've never been a religious practitioner of backing up my hard drive, I do try to keep my indespensible stuff on a variety of flash drives. Even though viruses have pretty much let me alone, I feel for you in dealing with your nasties. Probably, I'm just using my feeling poorly as an excuse not to tackle new computer setup. I, too, hate to think of setting up, again!
BTW: Welcome home from your trip. Maybe the software on my new computer won't make it so difficult for me to leave comments on your blog. (I'm not holding my breath!)

Oh, I do hope the software on your new computer makes it easier for you to leave comments at my place....I really love hearing from you. ~Fingers Crossed..... Hugs, Joy

I find your computer saga interesting. Look forward to the resolution account. My HP experience has been very positive but am spoiled since mine have always come to me with programs installed -- thanks to my son. I might better understand some of the technical aspects of my computer if I had to set everything up from scratch, but am most appreciative of his efforts since I haven't made the time to get into it myself. Even my Eee Netbook I bought a year ago had programs installed for me at one of the then only two MS stores in the world.

I really need to take time to do backups, but have long since forgotten what my son taught me a few years ago. Fortunately he is patient and doesn't mind repeating. Our HP laptops are now compatible, unlike when I was using his old desktop PC, so I can give over control of my computer to him so we can troubleshoot together, if we can ever find time to devote to computer issues. Downloads I do are pretty simple. I haven't had any viruses get past my security and knock on wood that never happens, but I probably don't do as much on my computer as you, or go to as many varied sites.

Joy--You make me feel so special!

Joared--Truly, I don't expect to have any issues with this machine, but only time will tell! Well, since I sometimes deliberately do not have any anti-virus enabled on my machines (there is none on this one, now, and won't be until I get through with software update downloads for all of the other programs), I am pretty careful what sites I visit. It is almost against my religion to click on a link from one web site to another, even if I know the web site on which the link is embedded.

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