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July 12, 2010


Keeping good thoughts for continuing improvement in your pain control. Looking forward to your posts.

I'm so glad you gave us an update CC...and honestly I know EXACTLY what you've been dealing with because I've been having the same problem...my sciatica nerve has been pinched by some muscles on my left side that aren't happy campers. I've been dealing with it for several weeks...plus I have a sore left heel (probably plantar fachitis (sp)). I've been using heat, doing some stretching exercises that I got from my physical therapist the last time I had a muscle problem in the same part of my lower back, soaking my sore foot, and taking Aleve or whatever every morning. It's not gone yet...and my nerve still is irritated and bothers my leg too. I can't sit that long at the computer either. I have quite a few aches and pains at this point, but I've held off going to the doctor because I want to see if I can knock it out first...so far not very lucky. Sometimes I look like I'm 104 trying to get around.

I hope your back and your sciatica get better and better very quickly sweetie. Your partner in pain... ~Joy

What a bummer. Do take care and hope it soon is better. One of those things we all face with old age's approach, I guess. Some is not much fun. I threw my knee out in Tucson (non-techie term) and it is still not back to where it should be for the things I need to do. It sounds like nothing though compared to your back problems. Feel better soon.

I am so sorry that you are having to go through so much pain. It certainly takes the joy out of life. I do hope that pain management and the exercises get you back to a somewhat normal existence. I know it's not fun to be hurting.

Wow! It didn't take Harold, Joy, Rain, and Darlene long to catch up with me.

Harold--You, as a health care professional, surely have a deeper understanding of what's going on with this old body than I do. Thanks for coming by! I just found your "other" blog, yesterday. I've added it to my favorites.

Joy--I'm sorry that I failed to acknowledged the trials that you, too, are having with sciatica. Thanks for being such an attentive partner. I hurt for you!

Rain--Knees are a real trial, aren't they? Back in early September, 2001, I hurt my knee (which had 20 years prior been diagnosed as arthritic) while out running in the dark, one morning. A few days later, Hunky Husband and I met Elder Brother & Expert Seamstress (his wife) in the Tampa Bay Fl area for a few days of birdwatching. The walking while birding reduced me to walking by leaning on one or the other of the guys. On our way out to birding at 9:00 AM on 9/11/2001, I had EB stop at a drugstore where I purchased a cane to restore me to independence. (It wasn't until on our way back in from birding that we learned of the high-jacking of the four airliners and their subsequent crashes!)

I dug out that cane a few weeks ago to help me get into and out of my car (and to reach out with the handle to close the car door) without quite so much pain. Never throw an aid away!

Good luck with your knee.

Darlene--I came by your blog, yesterday; but, the network was so slow that I didn't get a comment left. Thanks for stopping by and for the good wishes. You are right that pain can take the joy out of life!

This must be the summer for lousy backs. I threw mine out somehow hauling luggage around Gotham City from the DC2NY bus stop to the Hampton's Jitney--over a mile on the hoof, I think. Hurt for two or three weeks, and I was beginning to suspect something sinister. Then I dragged myself to the whirlpool at our fabulous Wilson Aquatic Center (free, all free!), and a couple trips there did the trick. My total sympathy to all back sufferers. It's no joke.

M.E.--Many people are able to tell others just when their back problem surfaced and just what event brought it to their attention. Not I. I've made a practice, over the years, of hoisting 30-60-pound bags of cat food, kitty litter, bird food, garden mulch, et cetera onto one shoulder or the other to tote about the yard or down into our basement. Toting and fetching were a way of life. I have no recollection of when my problems started - probably because I thought I had a hip/leg issue (a whole 'nother thing!)

Glad the whirlpool worked for you. There is a sauna at the activity center where I work out and swim (free, all free, as you say); but, I learned years and years ago that such heat will lead me to swoon into a heap on the floor. In fact, a few weeks ago, the swimming pool was too warm for me to swim in for a few days. Something had malfunctioned and the pool was 94 degrees!!!!

Oh, dear. I turn my back on you for what seems like just a moment and your whole life changes! I understand the pain, and sympathize. I had a very bad patch about ten years ago (or probably more...I have little sense of time these days). Luckily, mine passed after about two weeks, and I have been pretty good about attending an exercise class that has built my core, so that, even overweight, I still have more support than I once had. Your PT, and exercising will help, gradually. I'm so sorry that you've had to modify your movements to cope with this. I hope you get it all back.

My-Sister-The-Nurse has been dealing with the very same problem for the past six or seven weeks. She, too, is starting PT and exercise. I hope both of you find the relief that you need.

Buffy--Months can elapse quickly, when we're not looking, can't they? I'm not expecting to get back to my original condition; but, I'm certainly back to where I was a few months ago. Glad your back didn't act up for long and unhappy to hear that your sister is suffering. Thanks for coming by.

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