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May 06, 2010


You are a great grandmother? Wow!

Yes, Hattie, but at a much later age than my own, beloved great-grandmother became one. She was 57, I am 72. She was wonderful. As a matter of fact, so was her mother whom I remember. They married and reproduced at much younger ages than is currently the norm. Great-great-grandma married at 14, Great-grandma at 15 or 16, grandma at 16 or 17, my mother and I at age 19, Dudette at 23, and Wonderful GrandDaughter at 22. But...while the listed women all reproduced within 24 months of marrying, WGD waited 5 years. (Well, folks, now people have more choices!)

Congratulations CC....how wonderful. You're a GREAT grandma...that's quite a wonderful milestone. I was just reading your comment to Hattie....WOW, that's some amazing lineage you have. Cheers to your whole family. ~Joy

Joy--Thank you, dear. Somehow, those of you who are my "blog friends" have become extended family to me. I appreciate you!

Congratulations great-grandma! Our immortality lies in the next generation and you have a head start on yours. I hope photos will be forthcoming of that beautiful baby.

Darlene--Heck! I don't feel that I have a head-start at all, being 15 years older than my own great-grandmother was when she became one! But...thanks for the sentiment. I will defer to Wonderful GrandDaughter on posting photos. She must give permission.

I'm 70, and my oldest grandkid is 7, so I won't be seeing great grandkids any time soon. My mother in law got to see several great grandkids, who were born when she was in her 80's and 90's.
Interesting what you say about choices. That is a huge change, isn't it.

Hattie--Yes, it's a huge change. Mom used to tell me that her generation had a lot of "rubber babies". My great-grandparents and great-great-grandmother were, very much, a part of my life. Until my later teens, I stayed with my great-grandparents for at least one or two weeks during summer vacation.

When I was born, we lived about 3/4-mile from one set of great-grandparents (great-great-grandma lived with them) and my paternal grandmother. My maternal grandparents lived about 2 miles from us and another of my great-grandmas lived about 7 miles away. We (well...some portion of the family at least 15 strong) gathered for dinner nearly every Sunday, and often on other days.

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