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March 19, 2010


Wow!!!!! What great photos!!!

Glad to have you back!!!!

As I recall, when I stayed there, I parked outside, so as not to stain your garage floor with oil. However, I probably was the only one to park outside.

Kay--Thanks, Kay, it is good to be back. Occasionally, I would access blogs from our public library's computers; but, I didn't take the time to comment. (My loss.)

Bogie--I had conveniently forgotten the first few weeks/months that I lived there. As, at that time, I think there were no other houses nearby, we can let that slide. As you recall (and, as shows in the right-hand photo), I had a parking pad added to the south side (right-hand) of the garage so that the 1971 Buick Electra that I bought had a place to rest. It was too huge to comfortably fit into the smallish garage alongside the 1982 Mazda 626. The Buick was strictly for my frequent trips to/from the airport. I didn't want my "new" car (Mazda) to be exposed to the desert sun during the weeks that I was out of town.

As I recall, you drove a Starsky and Hutch Ford of some type. Have you a photo of it?

So glad you're back and online again CC. Love the photos...and I love your old house...really cool. Sorry about all of your techie problems...hope it goes well from here on out. I HATE TECHIE PROBLEMS!!!! They are at the top of my list for things that stress me out. Good luck sweetie... ~Joy

Maybe the pyramid is the national headquarters of the KKK!
I've posted pix of some of the houses I've lived in. All except one still exist. The house I live in now was built in 1960 and is "local style" single wall redwood construction. We added a deck and remodeled some inside but have mostly left it alone. Like you, we are tree planters!
I hope you are having a good time. It's nice to see you back online!

Joy--Thanks for the welcome and comment. You know that I've been around to see you; but, as has often happened, my computer has refused to download the comment window (for submitting a comment) on your blog. I wanted to leave birthday greetings for your baby boy! Congratulations on your award, too.

Hattie--Lucky you that all of your old houses still stand. While in college, I lived in three different houses - none of which has existed for at least 20 - 30 years, having each been replaced when the school expanded at various times. They were all firetraps, so it is well that they are gone; but the rental units (two apartments & one house) were within my budget ($40/month for housing). The house was within my budget because the cost was split between two couples, my brother & his wife and HH & me.

I am having a good, if busy, time. Thank you for your welcoming comment.

I have lived in so many houses through the years that I could never go back to all of them. My childhood home was demolished and a Safeway Store is on that spot now. It was depressing to see it. My last house is still standing, but a Organ Pipe cactus that I planted is gone and I had hoped to watch it grow. I don't want to go back to see the changes again.

Your house is my kind of home. I would love to have lived there, I know.

you CAN go home again!! Did you ring the bell and ask to go inside? I might have.

The pyramid intrigues me. The owner might be someone who believes in pyramid-power.

Darlene--How many places have you called home? (You caused me to "count up" mine and, I believe, they number 27, including the house that Dad built on a truck bed.) It is with a measure of trepidation that one approaches going to see one's old abodes, isn't it? Yes, from reading your writings, I believe that you would have enjoyed my Albuquerque home. Unfortunately, neither you nor I am enjoying it, now!

Kenju--No, in all my life I have never wished to intrude upon current residents of a previous abode. That requires bravery beyond my supply.

I expect the crystal/pyramid power people to be in the San Francisco Bay area; but, you have an idea, there. So...now we have two ideas: KKK chapter house or crystal/pyramid power invokation. Thanks!

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