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March 19, 2010


Hi Cop Car,

Just spent about 1 1/2 on the phone with HP getting support. I love that they can remotely access and preform the necessary things to get it running it's best. They highly recommended I purchase Windows 7, so I did. I've never liked vista very much anyway.
Hope you get things straighten out soon.

Good luck with your repair. I have lost confidence with techies due to having to send my PC back to the factory twice and having several crashes after that. I am so sick of having to reinstall everything.

My daughter assures me that I won't have this trouble with my new Apple laptop. I do hope she's right.

Glad to see you back. My techie is in the office next door, luckily. I can call on him any time, because I also feed him.

Janeywan - Yes, I always enjoyed letting the techies do all their work on my machines, via remote access, when I was working. Here, at home, we have dial-up internet access which makes it nigh unto impossible to do the remote thing. Besides, my problem is not with anything that could be fixed remotely - it is (I'm 99.9999999% sure) a physical problem. BTW: Please let me know how you like Windows 7. I, personally, contrary to HH's expectations, have no problem with Vista. It works fine, for me.

Darlene - Thanks for the wishes. Sorry about your problems. Reinstallations are a real drag! Last time that they worked on my machine, I had to reinstall nothing. This time, I'm having troubles with Norton (it keeps telling me that my trial period has expired when I wasn't using a trial version) and I had to reinstall the driver to the printer. I understand it, though, since they replaced the motherboard. That's a real shock to the computer's system!

Hope your Apple treats you right.

Hattie - Thanks for the welcome. I cannot believe how quickly you each noticed that I am back. You must have an RSS feed? (And, yes, you've gloated about your techie, before. Shame, shame on you. *laughing*)

Glad you are back with us -- I have missed you!!!!

Argh!!!! I hate tech problems. Fortunately, my ex and I are on reasonably good terms and he was, for years support tech for a large company and will come over and fix things. AND he shows my how he does it so I can do it myself. Good stuff!!!

Glad you are back online. Hopefully their repair did the job. Of course, since they described a different problem than you were having, I won't hold my breath. On the other hand, I've had that spontaneoud reboot problem before (not on an HP - on a Dell at work).

Kay--It is always well to remain on good terms with one's ex. In my case, I decided to re-possess him - or was it vice versa? *laughing*

Bogie--My impression is that, on the first return, the techies had a full day so they just re-boxed my computer and returned it, having done nothing. Of course, they had to make the paperwork look like they had done a great deal. On the second return, I think the techie in India had written the wrong stuff in my file; thus, the Indiana Techie took the easy way out, pretending to have diagnosed the same problem, and fixing it by replacing the motherboard. (This is my creative fiction and I'm sticking with it!)

At any rate, by software issues that I've encountered since the later return of my computer, I know that "something" was done. Norton thinks that the trial version has expired (I never had a trial version installed!) and some of the drivers have automatically re-installed. Plus, when I first attempted to boot the machine, it failed and wanted me to put it into "fix" mode, which I did. It then wanted me to "restore" - which I did not do. I forced a "normal startup", which seems to be doing OK by me.

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