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March 30, 2010


It sounds good, but I no longer cook. Maybe I can coax someone else to fix it and invite me for dinner.

My chicken dishes come from a Lean Cuisine box. '-)

Sounds good!!! Like Darlene, I don't cook much. Cooking for one is a bore. However, this looks good!!!! Funny though, I actually made beef enchiladas this week and they were great!!!!

I guess I'll join the group because I don't cook much anymore either...especially not just for myself. The kitchen is becoming more and more foreign to me, except for the rare occasion...and holidays. Ya know...I think I can live with it. This recipe sounds pretty good though CC. Thanks. ~Joy

Darlene, Kay, and Joy--I'm sitting here with a huge smile on my face thinking how few people there must be out there who still cook. I do the bare minimum, myself. As one who has, in many of her past years, vowed that there would be no kitchen included in her next house, I am in complete understanding. When I lived (alone) in Albuquerque, a piece of cheese, a few apples, and a bottle of water composed a full refrigerator for me. Thanks for dropping by - and for not throwing rotten produce at me!

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