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March 24, 2010


Very nice!!!!!

I like natural type landscaping like you did. It makes sense for the high desert especially.

I love the house and wish I could walk inside. The architecture is so typical of that part of the country and I so admire it.

I really like this house...I'd love to see the inside. Very nice.

That is the kind of house I like for that climate. I don't know what the floor plan is like, but I imagine it resembles my sister's house. Very livable.

Kay and Rain--Thank you. It pretty much had to be xeroscaped with my being constantly on travel. I did like it, though, too!

Darlene--See the following posting for a walk-through. Yes, I love the architecture - such clean lines.

Joy--See the following posting for a few photos of the inside. Thank you!

Hattie--The climate was quite a change from my previous abode in the Florida panhandle, as it would be from your Hawaii. If you care to see it, the floor plan is shown in the next posting.

All--You can see why I hated to leave the house; but, life goes on. It was more important to me to be nearer our granddaughter, our daughter, my mother, and Hunky Husband. Thanks for coming by, you super people!

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