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February 24, 2010


You have my sympathy. Is there anything more frustrating than computer problems? I hope I live long enough to see the day when PC's are like other electrical appliances and keep going until they wear out. It's not going to happen.

How frustrating. I am not sure there is anything more frustrating than these systems that we need now to communicate but so little understand :(

Darlene & Rain--Much more frustrating is trying to troubleshoot problems with human bodies!

Eventually, the computer will become so aged that I shall simply go buy another, more up-to-date one. At 382 days old, this computer hasn't made it that far.

I am so grateful that my husband is a computer nerd. I'm getting better, but the learning curve is mighty steep.
Anyway, he needs a new computer every couple of years or so for his work, so I always get his obsolete one, more than adequate for me.
And I love my new Netbook for travel or when I don't feel like getting out of Lazi-Boy Central to surf the Web or blog.

How awful!!!!!! I hope you called HP and raised some serious hell!!!!!!

you have my total sympathy. when computers are good, they're very very good, and when they're bad, they're HORRID!!!

I hate it when I think I know the fix and no one listens to me (and none of their "fixes" work)!

Hattie--I'm glad that you have your nerdie husband. Actually, for many years, I was the computer nerd in our family. Over the last 15 years, I've been overtaken by nearly every member of our family. Undeterred, I still think I know the symptoms of faulty wiring when I see it!

I would have a real problem with a Netbook. I spend way too much time in my recliner as it is - reading, cross wording, knitting, TVing....

Kay--Naw, I didn't give HP hell. These things happen. It is more funny than anything - usually. One day I did give an earful to one of the HP case managers who somehow hit one of my hot buttons!

me/XE--There are worse problems to have than what this computer is doing to me. I'm just awaiting arrival of another return (FEDEX) label. I'm just glad that the computer acted up so promptly following the repair. It could have waited a few months, at which time I would have had to start all over in the process (the above-mentioned HP case manager got his earful upon telling me that I had to, again, for the 4th time, start the complaint process all over again because it had been more than 30 days since the last time the computer had acted up!)

Bogie--You know exactly how I feel!

All--Somehow, I failed to notice that I had a typo. HP had NOT returned the computer the same day that they had received it, but two days later...on the 19th! (I'll correct it in the posting.)

I have had some of my most frustrating and stressful moments because of computer problems CC...I totally commiserate with you. I'd give anything to be a 'techie nerd' about all the 'ins and outs' regarding computers...it would save me a lot of grief. This morning my monitor 'gave up the ghost' without any warning, and it was only two or three years old. I just went out and bought a new one. God forbid I can't use my computer for even a day. Sad, isn't it? Good luck with all your computer hassles sweetie.... Hugs, Joy

Thanks, Joy. I just dropped the computer off at FEDEX about 30 minutes ago and am using a computer at our local library. (Their internet access is highspeed, which mine isn't, anyway!)

Sorry about your monitor. Nothing is forever, is it?

Dear Husband has ordered a new computer for the office. Quick Books will no longer support Windows 2000 for payroll, so we have had to upgrade. I pray to God that we don't get a computer with a "personality" like your computer!!! Have you sent your 'puter back to HP? Any luck?

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