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September 08, 2009


What neat photos. It's always neat to see people through the years. The second wedding photo is lovely. You both look very happy

I had a coat just like the one you are wearing that my mother in law gave me. She knew I would need a very warm coat. I was a California girl. We moved to Wisconsin right after we got married and spent five years there.
I love seeing your pictures.

I love seeing photos of people who blog!! Very nice, and your granddaughter is darling.

Rain--Thanks for the kind words. Everyone was happy!

Hattie--Have you a photo of your coat? You must have frozen in Wisconsin, after California! Surely your coat was a bit different from mine, since mine was a light-weight affair. As I recall, the Federal blue coat had a set-in back waist that had slight horrizontal gathering. My mother thought that a young, married woman should have a good, spring coat. It was she, also, who had made sure that I had a heavy winter coat, a camel's hair, with which to start college. I had worn one or another of my mother's coats or my brother's hand-me-down parka, all through high school. The parka became my daily-wear winter coat for walking to/from campus and classes, in college.

Kenju--Glad you enjoyed the photos. Wonderful GrandDaughter (AKA Crazy Kid of WichiDude's blog) and her husband (AKA Chew) will get a kick out of your comment. She is still darling 21 1/2 years later!

Oh my gosh...look at you guys....and that Packard! What a great photo that is CC. But that second photo....Oh, now THAT is truly beautiful CC. I think we can feel the love in that one....11 years apart...yeah, for sure. Look at your gorgeous hair. You both look so wonderful...I just love that picture. Yes, Hunky Husband is hunky...and you are truly a lovely lady.

And...what's not to love about that sweet granddaughter? I sure see a lot of Grandpa in her...maybe it's the dark features. Too adorable.

Happy Birthday Hunky Husband. You are deserving of the HH nickname that you have.

Your red hair was simply beautiful, C. C. and your granddaughter was a pretty lass. You say she still is and I believe you.

You coat needed to be warm wih all that snow on the ground. But you had your love to keep you warm. ;-) You are lucky to still have him.

Joy--Good gracious! Do you understand the dangers of an exploding head? I'm basking, thank you! Yes, Dudette (Wonderful GrandDaughter's mother) took after her father - totally - and WGD took after Dudette. We have photos of each of them taken at about 18 months. If I showed you the two photos, you would swear they were of the same little girl.

Darlene--HH just looked embarassed when I relayed your message. Thank you on his behalf, my own, and WGD's. Don't I know how lucky I am to still have HH. He assures me that he will outlive me; and, going from our parents, he probably will. It's OK by me! My heart aches for those of you who no longer have your mates. :^( Peace.

what a beautiful head of red hair!! your granddaughter is adorable. and yes, a very hunky husband! you seem to have hit the jackpot, cop car!

it's been years since i've seen a Packard. they used to be such cool cars!

interesting to see these scenes from your life.

Thanks, XE, you are most kind. That Packard was an amazing car. It even had pneumatic leveling which is rather handy for a car of that length. When it had anything in the trunk, the center of gravity was really shifted. The leveling feature kept the rear end from dragging!

Belated Happy Birthday wish to HH -- still lookin' good judging by the pictures -- both you and him. Yeah, you know me, I surely do like that red hair.

I always liked winter clothes better than summer togs. I haven't owned any winter clothes or heavy dress coats for so many years I've forgotten what they were like. I do recall one rich blue one I had -- the last one, I believe.

Joared--Thanks, on both accounts. We redheads have to stick together! I, too, liked winter clothes better. I think the camel hair coat that Mom bought me in 1955 was the last really heavy dress coat that I ever had - and - the coat in the above photo is probably the last dress coat. If I'm out in the elements, a windbreaker (over a sweater if the temperature is below freezing) or a parka (if the temperature is below 10-15 degrees) is more my style. I did/do have a good trench coat that I've carried a lot. Usually, my problem is being too hot...not too cold!

OK...we're awaiting a photo of your rich blue coat. Oh! I lied...again! I did buy a dress coat in the 1960s, but it didn't get worn much and wasn't worth the money that I put out for it. What reminded me is that it was also a rich royal blue - double breasted, princess seamed, velvet trimmed. My blog friends are good at triggering the memories!

I brought that blue coat with me from the east to AZ and then on to CA but hadn't tried it on for years, or had need to wear it. When I finally got it out, I was a little thicker than the width would allow. Also, I noticed indications moths had found it, but nothing serious that would have prevented it being worn and probably could have been mended. The coat was probably 40 yrs old by then.

My daughter loved it and as a redhead it would have been great for her to have in VA, but at that time she had too many pounds she has long since lost. However, I concluded as did she at the time that I should add that coat to the used clothing I was donating to support a school for special needs children. So I did. I don't think I have any pictures of the coat. In fact, I've had quite a few favored items of clothing attire in which I looked quite good, including my "little black dress," that I wish now I had pictures of me wearing. Just never thought of it at the time, I guess.

Joared--I'm with you. Of all my "favorite" clothes, I think the only outfit that I have a picture of me in is from 1941 or 1942. Well...come to think of it...I do have a photo from 1980, too!

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