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September 19, 2009


I'm not surprised you make a good "teaching" patient. I know many people don't like to play that role but it's really good for all. You never know what a different medical professional might find/ask about. To give constructive feedback is a wonderful thing!

I want your primary care physician. I have waited as long as three hours to see mine. He is not as thorough as yours, but does take a full hour with me if necessary. He also listens and cheerfully gives referrals.

My previous Primary Care doctor allowed from ten to fifteen minutes with me and I never got to go over the full list of my concerns.

That must have been interesting. Back in the 70's, my daughter was in the hospital for 28 days, and it was a teaching hospital. I actually enjoyed seeing all the interns come around everyday.

I agree, I think you were the perfect patient for their training session CC. I've been in a teaching hospital before, but not in a doctor's office. I think it's great. This kind of feedback is really important. Hey...and congrats on the good results of your physical.

Congrats on the good vitals and the weight loss!

Good thing that students have people like you to practice on. Me, I'd make a terrible patient for that - I can't hardly stand to be at the office (I know I'm healthy - just give me the paperwork for bloodtests and the referral to my eye doctor), much less go thru extra stuff you go thru.

I've quit bothering to tell any doctor just about anything, they never help me and usually don't believe me, so I just shut up and everyone is less anoyed that way.

Darlene--It was a fluke of good fortune that I found Dr S. In a three-year period I had "lost" two neurologists (for migraines) and my internist - all to "greener pastures" in other states (Kansas City MO, St Louis MO, and somewhere in MN). As there were no women internists in the clinic that I had been using for the past 20 or 30 years, I was stumped. I didn't want to go back to seeing a man who wouldn't listen to me or who would tell me it was all in my head. (I know...all male physicians cannot be that way!)

Recalling that, when she had moved here from KCMO a couple of years previously, my mother's physician had recommended a couple of physicians at the KU School of Medicine, I called KUSM-W. They had two internists who were women and who were accepting new patients. I chose one and have been with her ever since. I don't want her to move to your area; but if you come here, I'd be happy to "share". During my first or second visit with Dr S, I told her that she had to promise not to move or to retire until after I died! (She is a few months older than Dudette, our elder daughter.)

Kenju & Joy--It really was an interesting session. Only later did I think of feedback that I could also have provided K; but, I'd not been through such a session before. Perhaps I should volunteer to help Dr S teach her students?

Dudette & Bogie--Dr S said that she had wanted a healthy older person to test K on. I don't think they see very many healthy people in their practice. As to the weight loss: Dr S was concerned about it, even though it was a good thing, because I had not been "dieting". I think I am just getting back to the historically normal me. I noticed in June that the ravenous hunger that I had felt since going through menopause had abated. I still wake up hungry at night; but, during the day, I don't get the overpowering "hungries". Dr K wonders why my "hungries" went away, while I wonder why I got them in the first place! Maybe the blood tests will help her decide.

Bogie--I tell Dr S "every little thing" once...maybe twice. If she doesn't worry about them, I forget them! Dr S did mention to K, during our chat session, that she would never want a patient to think that she (Dr S) thought that whatever was bothering the patient was in the patient's head. The truth is, according to Dr S, that she just hasn't been able to pin down what is causing the problem. Dr S may not "cure" a patient, but she will not insult them or their intelligence, either!

All--1) Unfortunately, KU has no hospital in Wichita - only in Kansas City KS. I may have misled you on that. 2) I've not been hospitalized since Bogie, our younger daughter, and I left Wesley Hospital.

Interesting account of your experience with your doctor and the student in training. Sounds like he was lucky to have you to assist with his education.

Joared--Who knows? He probably wondered where that strange old woman came from--lol.

This was quite fascinating. It is nice to think that somewhere doctors and patients are cooperating to improve medical care and medical knowledge.
And it's nice to hear that you have got a handle on the weight thing. Not an easy one, for many of us.

Hattie--You must understand how pleased I've been with Dr S. She is a jewel! Well...about the weight...as I said in a previous comment, I can't take credit. The huge hunger just abated. I don't know where it came from and I don't know where it went. Hope it stays away, thanks!

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