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September 05, 2009


Happy Birthday, HH! If you're coming to NC this year, bring CC along.

Kenju--HH says, "Thanks!" for the wish. Perhaps I shall make it to NC on a Red Cross assignment; but, it most probably won't be when HH is there. As HH's uusual assignment is as the Red Cross's "Big Kahuna" on a disaster, and since the policy is that one's spouse cannot be in one's chain-of-command, it rarely happens that we work the same disaster.

You have jogged my thinking, though. I need to make a listing of where all of my blog friends live so that I may notify them when on assignment in their areas.

How neat to see a photo of you and Hunky Husband together. And if Oregon (actually Willamette Valley) ever has a disaster (hopefully won't) that brings in the Red Cross, I'd enjoy meeting you :)

What great pictures...and I love the one of you and HH. Happy Belated Birthday HH....sorry I'm a day late. I'm glad you had such a nice dinner out...that's what I usually do too. Have a great labor day weekend.... ~Joy

Rain and Joy - "Thanks so much", from Hunky Husband...and from me.

Rain - I was in Portland OR in October 2007, for a few days for the TOPOFF4 exercise, as mentioned in 2007, In Review. I recounted in the posting about our having to evacuate the building we were in because explosives-sniffing dogs indicated a problem! There we were "working" a pretend disaster, when we got sent away for fear of a real one. Portland is a ways from the Valley, though. You're on my listing, now!

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