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September 27, 2009


Great shots, especially when you consider that they were taken through a double paned window. I hesitate to say this, but - what the heck - it looks like the one on the right of the photos posted side-by-side is trying to poop. (Forgive me.)

I hope you can hide your critters when hunting season starts.

Oh, Darlene, what a guffaw you gave me. Nope. Just browsing.

Your photos are so clear compared to mine!! (especially the ones I take through 2 panes of dirty glass!!)

Kenju--You, too, gave me a guffaw. How did you know that my windows are dirty? (Yes, I knew what you really meant! And my windows are dirty.)

MMM, Deer - it's what's for dinner [evil grin].

These are great pictures CC...dirty windows or not..and yes, mine are dirty too. They really are beautiful little critters.

What fun to have all those wild creatures in your world!

Joy--Thanks! As long as we can see out through the windows, a little dirt doesn't hurt. Our deer are so tiny! And I agree on their beauty.

Hattie--Yes it's fun to watch the wildlife around here. They are our entertainment!

Deer blog friend, I agree with others that these are really good photos. Given I have camera (and my skills) limitations, too, I can understand your concern, but you can be pleased about these pictures.

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